2 thoughts on “Why Nations Fail”

  1. Thank you for sharing your observation. If I may ask a few questions.
    Can one assume that this is not by acts of stupidity, negligence, or human instinct?
    That this is a preplanned, developed and carried on over the ages, an intentional destruction or fiesting off of a society?
    Common sense would dictate that one does not destroy one’s own sanctuary. Or shoot holes in one’s own boat.
    If these statements are proven true, then “Parasite” would be the applicable phrase.
    However, since this type of behavior is present in most, if not all who attain wealth, power and status, are we dealing with something else?
    Could it be that this is an uncontrollable addiction? In many ways, their actions resemble that of a narcotics addict. That once infected, there becomes an isatiable desire for more no matter the cost. Seldom do we ever see them be satisfied, even when they have more money than they could ever spend in 10 lifetimes.
    If this proves true, then our method of dealing with his problem may have to be different. I’ve thought long and hard as there is no logic in their actions. In many ways goes against human nature.

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