The State of Impeachment

Betsy and Thomas look at the state of impeachment in this week’s episode of Drain the Swamp. For those interested in what Donald Trump has to say about John Roberts and to grab the link to all of our audios in one file, see:

What does President Trump think of John Roberts?

The State of Impeachment


9 thoughts on “The State of Impeachment”

  1. I hate these people! I will sue them for turning me into an angry hag who wants to see everyone of them meet a violence death and suffer massively before they die!

    1. It is called righteous indignation. They are trying to destroy our homeland, the United States of America. Of course, you are upset. Now go call your congressperson and give him/her an education.

      1. I live in mn the land of demoncraps and muslims! They dont give a shit what the people want!

    2. bannon was a traitor to Trump! He is jealous of Trump just like little pissant ryan was! Screw bannon! Why is he everywhere talking to conservatives! He is a traitor the same as the rest! He was never the brains behind the Trump campaign, that was arrogant hogwash on his part! Our brilliant was the essense of everything about his own campaign and how to market it! The amazing Roger Stone helped and infowars got the message all over the world!

  2. Screw that traitor session too! He is responsible for all of this! Never let that dirtbag get elected again!

  3. I can’t wait to see the faces of these Demonrats when POTUS tweets out “Still President” when this faux of impeachment is over.

  4. That globalist enabling fraud Pelosi has some nerve citing our founding fathers and Ben in particular “a Republic if you can keep it”. As if she and the other globalist scumbags are not doing everything they can to shred The Constitution. No doubt the founders are all turning over in their graves. Make history great again and wake up people.

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