Day One – Senate Impeachment Trial

January 21, 2019 was Day One of the Senate Impeachment Trial. ‘Betsy and Thomas’ gave commentary throughout the day. The top headline link will take you to the trial videos. The bottom audio files are commentary.

We will do something similar for each day of the trial. As we create these audios, we load them real-time on to our main audio-video page HERE. The following day, we bundle them in a single post like this one.

Day One – Senate Impeachment Trial

Douglas and Tyla update the AIM audience on how they will be reviewing the impeachment hearings for the day. Take a listen:


2:52 PM. The Senate took a 15 minute break, giving us just enough time to update you on what we think so far:


7:35 PM. We’re back with an update. Senator McConnell let the Senators break for a 30 minute dinner and we are here to give you some insight on what has happened the last few hours:


Now back to today’s episode of Drain the Swamp:

When Donalds Attack!

2 thoughts on “Day One – Senate Impeachment Trial”

  1. The most exciting part of these audios.
    There are 3 cats that rule this residence and when that ferocious cat meows at the end of these audios they run for cover. Fur all poofed up. I don’t know cat talk but whatever you are saying in their language has their undivided attention.

    Liked by 1 person

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