3 thoughts on “Day Two – Impeachment Hearing”

  1. Well I’m not surprised that mcconnell who is a whoosey, coward wimp allowed this crap to come to trial when it was never legitimate, never had an initial vote in the house, hid secondary witnesses from the republicans, hid documents, worked illegally behind the scene! This should have been dismissed last week, and he should have told pelousy to f off! No due process mitchy, and your such a process guy!!!

  2. Never miss an opportunity to be upon the stage. Just as Holder said never to leave a crisis go to waste, so it goes with getting face time on the political stage. For one it feeds their ego, gets them notoriety, and gives the clueless a belief in their legitimacy to rule over us! So the spotlights will light the stage for weeks to come and beam off of Shifty’s head.
    To the rest of us, it just goes to show how far down the toilet bowl these puppets have fallen. I watched for an hour today and listened to Shifty call this a Democracy at least 7 times. Every statement had no facts whatsoever and to use the founding fathers words in such a pack of lies a lightning bolt should have hit him. Just disgraceful.
    Thanks for the audio guys!

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