Kobe Bryant’s helicopter did not crash

As of the time of this posting, the pictures of the crash are not common, but those that are posted prove it is not his helicopter.

kobe helicopter 1crashed helicopter

Verify the helicopter crash scene with this news report. This was not Bryant’s helicopter:

Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash near Los Angeles, according to TMZ

kobe helicopter 2

KOBE BRYANT Predictive Programming: Why did this video of his helicopter death ever get made?

Why was there so much magnesium at the fire site where Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed?Isn’t magnesium nitrate used as a substitute for aluminum nitrate and a raw material for making explosives?

7 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant’s helicopter did not crash”

  1. The ‘limo-esque’ Sikorsky S-76B helicopter which crashed on Sunday

    The very Sikorsky S-76B helicopter which crashed on Sunday, killing Kobe Bryant and eight others, is pictured at Van Nuys Airport in California in February 2018

    Kobe Bryant’s helicopter was a Sikorsky S-76B model built in 1991 which experts have compared to a ‘limousine’.

    According to flight records, the aircraft had completed an eight-minute journey to pick up passengers less than half an hour before embarking on its final trip.

    Investigators say the helicopter has a black box and will be examining its maintenance records and those of the owner and operator.

    The aircraft in question, with the tail number N72EX, was owned by Island Express Holding Corp., which is based in Fillmore, California.

    According to the website Helis.com, it was previously owned and operated by the state of Illinois.

    Former pilot Kurt Deetz, who said he had flown Bryant in the very helicopter which crashed yesterday, said it was in ‘fantastic’ condition’.

    Speaking to the LA Times, he said the owners had a ‘very good maintenance program’.

    ‘The likelihood of a catastrophic twin engine failure on that aircraft – it just doesn’t happen,’ he said, suggesting that poor weather conditions may have caused the crash.
    The very Sikorsky S-76B helicopter which crashed on Sunday, killing Kobe Bryant and eight others, is pictured at Van Nuys Airport in California in February 2018

    The very Sikorsky S-76B helicopter which crashed on Sunday, killing Kobe Bryant and eight others, is pictured at Van Nuys Airport in California in February 2018

    Comparing the helicopter to a Cadillac, Deetz said the S-76B was a ‘limo-esque’ model which was regarded by celebrity passengers as superior to its sister model, the S-76A.

    Bryant was a frequent passenger in the helicopter, using it to fly to Lakers home games.

    Justin Green, an aviation attorney in New York who flew helicopters in the Marine Corps, said pilots can become disoriented in low visibility, losing track of which direction is up.

    Green said a pilot flying an S-76 would be instrument-rated, meaning that person could fly the helicopter without relying on visual cues from outside.

    Sikorsky began manufacturing the helicopters in 1977 and boasts that the $13million model has ‘more than 7.4 million hours of safe, successful flight’.

    However, it has previously been involved in fatal crashes in Canada, Turkey, Estonia and the North Sea.

    Dense fog was linked to a 2017 disaster in which a Sikorsky S-76 crashed in the outskirts of Istanbul, killing all seven people on board.

    The company was sold to defense giant Lockheed Martin in 2015.

    A Sikorsky statement said yesterday that the company was in contact with investigators and ‘stands ready to provide assistance and support to the investigative authorities and our customer’.

    ‘We extend our sincerest condolences to all those affected by today’s accident,’ the statement said.

    The National Transportation Safety Board said it was dispatching an 18-person team to California to help with the investigation into the crash.

    The board typically issues a preliminary report within about 10 days that will give a rough summary of what investigators have learned. A ruling on the cause can take a year or more.


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    1. CoronaVirus… Kobe Byrant was way above his head. He was being used by the Luciferians and Satanists.

      He acquired himself a new venture partner who now seems to be making claims on his billions. They always seem to turn up. Same people, same tribe, same criminals.

      Human and Child Traffickers.

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  2. The crashed chopper had teal and white livery as does the chopper at the airport but the one Bryant is standing in front of with the Nike emblem is different.Both have the same rego-N72EX.Was it resprayed?


  3. “Sikorsky Crash North of Los Angeles” by VASAviation > Air Traffic Control recordings of VFR chopper flying into IFR fog and mountains. There is an additional VAS Aviation explanation video. Seven Two Echo Xray pilot error, no conspiracy.


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