4 thoughts on “Winning the Trumpian Way”

  1. I cant help but think there was some reason Kobe was murdered! Was this to change focus on the Trump team lawyers? Kobe created multiple programs to help disadvantaged people and children. He spoke several languages. He was a loving and devoted father , a good person and an amazing athlete! I worry that the republican congress will not do the right thing because they are stupid or hate the president! This needs to end, not continue infinitum… No witnesses pls, just end this crap! Why didnt mitch throw the damn thing out? It was never constitutional because peelousy never had the votes initially so the vote never happened! We can always count on mitch to cave to the demoncraps! What an arrogant jerk! Remember when the president asked mitch to just vote using a majority for health care and border security, and mitch said no? Ahole!

  2. Betsy and Thomas, there was never a vote in the house to begin the impeachment, so it ends right there! mitch should have thrown it out based on the illegality of this clown show!

  3. I disagree with this whole bogus process! If I were Demon-Crats I would be worried about crazy attacks!

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