The dissidents must be removed

In today’s Betsy and Thomas discussion we look at the UK origins of coronavirus. For centuries, the British Imperialists have been using bioweapons as a war strategy to terminate people all over the world. Coronavirus is a modern version of this bio-warfare.

We also look at the dissidents in Washington and why their outright coup on the president has kept us from a peaceful transition of presidential power. For this, We the People demand a constitutional amendment providing for this unique circumstance and giving president an extra term if he should elect to run for office a third term.

The dissidents must be removed. The Republic must be restored.

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Here are some reports that back up our statements:

Cat Report
Coronavirus Propaganda from the BBC

4 thoughts on “The dissidents must be removed”

  1. It seems to me that you are describing this as the way to wage war in the 21st century.
    Silent killers with secret weapons. Yet they have been conducting this type warfare for hundreds of years, only now we are on to their scheme.

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