AIM has been banned on the new, censor-free ‘the_Donald’ site

Reddit censored the_Donald heavily and the moderators and community didn’t like it….so they moved over to a new space called The new site is a stand alone site and is not censored by Reddit, spez and the Chinese.

Reddit Purges Moderators of Largest Pro-Trump Community ‘The Donald’

In preparation for this inevitable course of events, the mod team established a backup website, free from the political censorship of Reddit, and have encouraged our users to migrate to it (of which at least 100,000 have in the last day). The_Donald can now be found on an independent website, created and run by the people that have ran The_Donald for years, at

The AIM team was very excited to help them out and energize their platform transition party so we dropped a few truth bombs – like our research on the Brit overthrow attempt of Donald Trump, Pirbright Institute, Qinetics, and the Pilgrims Society, all of which are very important disclosures for the President and patriots all over the world.

At the end of the day we checked back to see how we were doing and look who was band!

The American Intelligence Media – aka ZarathustraWisdom has been banned from!

Makes you wonder who is behind this limited hangout that our breaking truth research was CENSORED and we were BANNED. Many patriots think is the real deal for truth. Now you know their limits.

Spread the word. is incapable of FULL TRUTH DISCLOSURE.

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9 thoughts on “AIM has been banned on the new, censor-free ‘the_Donald’ site”

    1. That’s sad that fake sites like this are out there, and they get peoples contact info so they can feed lies! I was wondering what Betsy thinks of AG? I think he’s useless and a coward and does not have the stones to put his fed cop pals in prison for endless extortion, sedition, treason, human trafficking, sexual crimes, bribary and on and on…. What a huge disappointment! The audacity of this person who has done nothing to save or protect America to say the president’s tweets are a problem for him doing his job! What has he done? I see nothng, zip, nada!!!

  1. Sad thing is that these despots having control of all our media monopolies is going to give them a very unfair advantage. What I can’t figure out is why POTUS hasn’t disgorged them. After all his success was grown out of social media. And Julian Assange, And If I were president you’d be in jail, and, sigh.

  2. Wow that was quick couldn’t handle the truth- that’s hysterical. Truthbits is too far ahead of their intelligence curve.

  3. The reason they do not want the truth because people want a false messiah to lead us out of despair. Only God can give us the gift of the Christ. Mother Mary is Immaculate and it is the porthole for us to receive the purity in order to find union with the Trinity. It is very interesting that in the Old Testament Yahweh has a wife and the feminine spiritual capacity to receive what we need to ascend. I always wonder is the Illuminati playing games with the conditioning of people to believe that elites see us as people they do not; because they are spawn of the beast. Pray for the victory of the Immaculate heart so we on earth can heal and be well+++ Glory BE to the FATHER, to the SON, to the HOLY SPIRIT as it was in the BEGINNING IT IS NOW AND EVER SHALL BE+++

    1. I was raised Catholic and always heard of this trinity idea but why? Who is this holy spirit being? After Jesus was raised he told his followers he would send the spirit and that happened on Pentecost. From that day on they had the strength of Jesus to proclaim him. That is what Jesus came here for, sins are forgiven in baptism or by accepting God’s Spirit. Anyway that is what Jesus tells me through God’s WiFi. Peace to you.

      1. Timothy, Jesus the Christ…Jesus means God is with us. The Christ in the extended form of love…when Jesus ascended into Heaven he sent the Holy Spirit which is the love between the father and the son extended to humanity to experience their love in our lives and to have their creative life force be in our lives to help us be holy or whole and well. St Lousi de Montefort speaks about the Holy Spirit being the spouse of the Virgin Mother or pure creature created to birth Jesus. Mary is the new eve and Jesus is the new adam. The Holy Spirit is a procreator and formed God (Jesus) in Mary’s womb…we were told by the Lord at the foot of the cross that we are to behold His mother…John the disciple then through Consecration to Mary the Holy Spirit can recreate Jesus in us through the Baptism of the Holy Ghost on confirmation. Mary is a portal for us to be purified through her Grace given to her by Jesus+++

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