Dissidents attack America from inside

Below are breaking headlines that we wanted to respond to so that you are not worried. We did a brief audio below to explain what is happening in Turkey and discussed a bit about the virus false flag.

Erdogan Opens the Gates: Syrian Migrants Granted Unhindered Passage to Europe

‘Oh my gosh’: US ambassador stunned by report of attack on NATO ally Turkey

Dissidents attack America from inside

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3 thoughts on “Dissidents attack America from inside”

  1. As you asked me to make a video about my view of concerning the Corona virus and secret wars with silent weapons. I will give you, my synopsis, an overview of what I see.
    First let me say that our preconceptions about what defines war, especially what we are tradionally led to believe that there is a defined period with a somewhat of a defined victory or loss is not a valid assessment of reality. What we are actually seeing are only chess moves, skirmishes, where the results are beneficial to both supposed victors and losers.
    I realize that what I’m about to declare will be very hard to accept for most, sometimes I even find it hard to believe.
    So let’s dive in!
    The real war we are in:
    Was started likely when Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, however to keep this out of religious realms of discussion, I will say it began when humans realized the power, wealth and potential of controlling other humans and human behaviors.
    The real war we are in:
    Was never meant to end, the goals such as the Georgia guide stones presents to us, are false, like almost all goals presented to us. They are manufactured tools, agendas, religions, nations, etc, to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.
    The true goals of this war are, to maintain a system of control over the humans on this planet, to never reveal this perpetual war to anyone other than those who have sworn allegiances to each other, they are generational, meaning they handed down through a lineage and most do not know their names. The ultimate goal is to at all costs keep the war going, while in doing so enriching each other at the same time. Very seldom do those at the top ever suffer, die or fight in this war.
    Through this system of a secret perpetual war, the humans are all pieces upon a chessboard, and unlike the game of chess, the actual players moving the pieces on the board never seek to win over each other but to move their never ending supply of pieces (human chattel) to continue in their dominance and control over the human capital that allows them to, all the while, stay in power, enrich each other and themselves by moving the human pieces on the board.
    The seen wars that are presented to us are nothing more than moves on the chessboard that continue the dominance of those who sit on the thrones of power to execute control over humanity. To keep the humans enslaved, controlled, managed, never wise to the prison they are in, warring with each other, never knowing the real reason they are fighting.
    In closing, Tyla, to make a video on this in ten minutes let alone ten hours would be futile, how do I, convince anyone? I’m not sure you will even buy this assessment, the white lab coat, letter behind the name, engineered, and managed belief in authority, using this false history they’ve created, nourished, and ingrained into the minds of men has been so well executed over the ages, the people are completely brainwashed.
    The fact is my little voice, my little channel, my letter less standing, uneducated in their system of education, would convince no one! Yet if the right people, those who hold the reigns of power ever had an inkling that these truths we being uttered and/or believed, as Monty would say, a giraffe would come to take me out, and not to lunch.
    Few if any can accept this, they all exist in Story of Plato’s Cave. A manufactured reality.
    To know the depths and bounds of their evil and the absolute disregard for life, what they have done, is to see into Lucifer eyes and the depths of hell. I have no idea on how to awaken people to these truths.

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