Third Term for Trump Can Happen. Here’s How.

Greeting Betsy & Thomas!

I learn from and enjoy your videos so much that I am always searching for another one as soon as one comes to an end. The fact that what is being un-mined now has always been there is difficult to grasp that no one had a need, desire, or inquisitiveness to have unearthed it before now.

with betsy rossRegardless, I am ecstatic about the real possibility of extending President Trump’s term. I had that idea also and had been passing it around, searching for a person who would know how we can go about making it happen, when one day I heard you, Betsy, say the same thing I’d been trying to make a reality and shouted out

“Yes! Betsy has heard of my idea and now she’ll know how to make it happen.”

I am NOT claiming I was the first or anything at all.  My response was before I realized great minds who are also Trump supporters would have all come up with that thought! The difference to making it a reality is some know people who can make it happen and have an audience as well, on top of your brilliant mind– A Trifecta!. I know nobody, and knew the idea would easily die if anything counted on me to do.

I am beyond thankful that you had that idea and are making it work. THANK GOD FOR THAT and FOR YOU. If there is something I can do to help make it happen, please make use of me!

I pray Blessings upon you both for the Blessing you are to thousands and thousands of us. God is certainly using you two and Michael’s group to bring His light to what has been done in the darkness–just as He said He would do before the End.

Love, Marilyn Wilkins

trump earth age

Our Reply: Marilyn, there was not a peaceful transition in January 2017 of power like we have seen between presidents in years past. Of course, we now know that previous pilgrims society awarenesspresidents were puppets of the Pilgrims Society so they were on the same “team”  – The media just had us fooled into thinking there were two distinct parties – Republican and Democrat.

President Trump isn’t on the enemy (globalist) team so they didn’t want to give up the position in the White House. This is why, the moment Donald Trump was taking his oath of office from Scumbag Roberts, the dissidents were busy tweeting one another that the “impeachment begins.”

Because of these dissidents and their overthrow attempt (backed by Queen Lizard and the Privy Council), We the People have not had an opportunity to fully unroll the great America First agenda. Our first term has been obstructed by   Washington D.C. vermin – Senior Executive Services. We want to see a Constitutional Amendment written, ready to be voted on after a successful red tsunami in November that addresses this OVERTHROW ATTEMPT and provides that these years can be given back to the People. We will have the votes if we win November.

Let’s do it, patriots. Get the word out to your network.


12 thoughts on “Third Term for Trump Can Happen. Here’s How.”

  1. I contact people through messenger. About 15 people aligned same relatively..dont know if all will agree completely

  2. I heard Glenn Beck on the radio today talking about President Trump at CPAC. Nothing but praise and now I want to go to a rally more than ever.Love our fearless,big hearted, stable genius!

    1. Husband and I attended a rally in the little town of Bozeman, MT last fall. We’re mid-70’s and husband has Stage 4 cancer. We stood in the chill before daylight for 4 hours, stood in the hangar for another 3. Watched AF1 come in and taxi up to us, DJT walked out, just surreal. Acted as though it was a balmy day in DC while the crowds were wrapped in down jackets, woolly hats and gloves. Got on AF1 and flew off to FL to an evening rally. Just surreal.

      We drove home and warmed our chilled everythings with hot tea and wrapped up in heavy blankets. Thousands were turned away even under those conditions, including my country neighbours, who got in line at 7 am.

  3. I’m all for it! President Trump is brimming with great policies to protect, expand and increase our greatness and wealth as both a country and individuals. His America is what our great forefathers foresaw for America when they created the constitution and bill of rights! I would love to see a Trump dynasty run our country for years. We all know Don Jr is next in line after his dad. And like our forefathers, the Trumps have sacrificed greatly to bring America back! We are not there yet, but once we recommend turn to enforcing the law and the constitution equally and backing our money with gold, and cleaning out the dirty feds we will be. Now IF we could just get some politicians in our congress with courage and values, it would be so much better for our great president.

    1. The forefathers imagined a dynasty? What the Constitution says is we get one rep per 30,000 citizens in the House Of Representatives. Do you think Trump is going to want a third term? Nonsense.

      1. Yes for the time of office robbed . Once the ball is fully in his court he can do what needs to be done and this will cement Americas future for America . He was always destined for the role and does not take the love for his country and its people lightly .

  4. You guys are Heroes…. Sparks of genius with your knowledge,know how and wisdom . You cut through the darkness of deception with the greatest of ease …. and I am loving the unfoldment of Truth and Light . Bless your Hearts always . Love from Bernadette in the UK 💚💚💚😉👍

    1. We love out patriot brothers, sisters, and cousins from the UK. We are speaking these harsh realities about your swamp because they have taken away your guns, your knives, and your voices. 😻

      1. All time invested in the right direction far surpasses the benefit of America and the UK …. for we know this is Global from an earthling prospective . I have in me the feeling that the outcome we desire will be achieved and they can’t stop it 😉💚💚💚👍

      2. Praise God. We came out of your stalk, your seed. We are from the very roots of Europe and Jesus Himself. Great honor and high praise to all Europe who do see the real American destiny. John from Noblesville. God Bless all who read and do understand in Jesus Christ’s name. P.S. My family is La Monte-Highlands Clan, & Dioxn-Borders Clan. We all must give credit and honor to our Fathers & Mothers to this very day.

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