VIMEO Deletes Videos Exposing QinetiQ Group

video deleted

George Tenet (C.I.A) and Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani (Joint Chiefs) even arranged for QinetiQ to get information technology contracts to track all U.S. Army rolling, shipping and flying assets worldwide

ALERT: Evidently, U.S. military & intelligence is controlled by Britain


Please download backups of this video for safekeeping on your computer. It discusses important new facts previously lost to history. Here are alternative sources:

Full story:

7 thoughts on “VIMEO Deletes Videos Exposing QinetiQ Group”

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    The minions of the [DS] don’t like it when you reveal their puppetmasters’ high crimes and misdemeanors… although it sounds more like treason IMHO…

  2. Its been an amizing couple of years. I have been learining so much from AIM and AFI.
    I am a much more informed citizen than I used to be.
    Thank You !!!!

  3. That was the first video I sent a link to friends in a while. I’ll have to see if they watched it; if they need a new link. or if they even care.

  4. Use Brighteon set up by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger. Mike was kicked off of the usual sites, so he developed Brighteon for the people I call, truthers,” You will never be censored or kicked off. You will be shocked to see how many people are using the site. A sign of the time we find ourselves in at this point.
    Word Press, owned by google would not allow me to post here. We’ll see how long Twitter allows me to post, I’m betting not long.

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