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British SERCO runs the USPTO

We received an email from a viewer. Michael McKibben gives Kent a reply. The email exchange may be helpful to truth seekers.

Kent writes:

This is quite a good video about Musk.

At about 43:00, you discuss the patent system.  

I’ve been grinding my mental gears about the USPTO for many years, and have finally gotten the picture.  See below.  

In 2000, the USPTO sent me a glossy publication bragging on their new HQ in Old Town Alexandria.  Old Town is a posh part of town.  My antenna went up way back when. 

As far as I can tell, they USPTO has become a organization that scams inventors.  In recent years, they have campaigned against inventor promotion companies, because they want that money themselves.

In 2014, it was reported at a public patent meeting that the USPTO had a slush fund of a billion dollars, and, at the same meeting, a little character named Scardino – actually Scamdino – talked about tricking Congress into giving the USPTO fee setting authority, with no Congressional oversight.  

Chrystal Sheppard, a member of the Public Patent Advisory Committee (PPAC), at page 194 in the transcript of a May 22, 2014. PPAC meeting, speaks about there being a “pot of money” and a “slush fund [of] a billion dollars.” And, just a few pages later – at page 200 – Anthony Scardino, the Chief Financial Officer at the USPTO, speaks about “lowering fees and things like that [to] give confidence and assurance to the folks on the Hill that, you know what – [we’ve] been responsible stewards of feesetting authority.”

The USPTO has so much money to squander, they produced a 244-page annual report for 2020  when Apple Corp’s annual report for 2020 was only 71 pages.

They have so much money to squander that they allow this to happen:

Patent office workers bilked the government of millions by playing hooky, watchdog finds

Michael replies:

Hi Kent,

You do smell a rat. The bigger picture is that:

British SERCO runs the USPTO.

See among others:

Search SERCO on two of our affiliate sites:

Feel free to follow up.


Mike McKibben

P.s. Here’s a good summary of our Leader saga with the USPTO corruptocrats:

Elon Musk’s involvement with key globalist groups

A reader from the AIM group sent us this note, after reading our latest post on Elon Musk:


Hi, AIM:

I don’t know if you included Elon Musk’s involvement with the ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum event. The Sedona Forum is a key Globalist front organization that operates in plain sight in Arizona. The Who’s Who of Globalist stooges attend. Biden and Clinton were attendees. Eric Schmidt and other Google/Big Tech players. Lynn Rothschild is on the Board. 

There is no chance Trump didn’t know about the ASU McCain Sedona Forum — who attends (Elon Musk), what they talk about, the agenda, etc. 

Sedona 2015 event

In 2015 Elon Musk was on a panel with fraudster Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos discussing the Global Economy of all things. Why is the 19 year old Elizabeth Holmes with a semester of biology on a panel with Elon Musk at the Sedona Forum discussing the global economy? What does “her” blood testing/DNA harvesting company have to do with the global economy? Rhetorical question….I already know. (I believe my short commentary “Out For Blood” was posted on the AIM4Truth site.) — scroll down re: Lynn Forester de Rothschild/ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum

By the way, once Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos were exposed as a fraud, In-Q-Tel invested in another blood collection company called (HOLY) GRAIL, which is connected to Illumina (a genome sequencer company also the recipient of In-Q-Tel $s) and included in the George Poste/ASU-Michael Crow GLOBAL BIOSECURITY powerpoint presentations. 

At some point, you should listen to Scottsdale, AZ  BioDefense (Sir) George Poste’s presentation on creating Synthetic Hybrid Humanoids. I have the entire videotaped presentation. Quite shocking when put in context of Michael Crow’s videotape clips admitting to the same objective. These are among the top CIA/DOD folks outright admitting all of this, and they live right near me in Arizona. Yet, no one mentions their name — particularly George Poste.

What do you make of the Elon Musk character dumping some truth via Twitter? 

And what exactly should we do with all this information?  We know that the civilian government is corrupt to its core. Is there no one that is trustworthy in the American military any longer? 

The US Petro $ is finished obviously. Are we to assume the Globalist CBDC is the final solution? I don’t think that’s the end game at all. It’s merely the end of “their system”. 

~ Kristen 

Elon Musk is a DARPA cardboard cutout fraud

Update on Leader Technologies ‘Miller Act Notice’


Brief on Leader Technologies’ (“Leader”) Miller Act Notice currently on the President’s desk; original (Jul. 24, 2017) and first amended (Apr. 25, 2019, delivered by Rep. Jim Jordan); reviewing the commensurate authorities already available to the President alone, since the government has already benefited from the property use, and the President has a duty to properly compensate Leader for that benefit.


The confirmed theft by the U.S. Government of the social networking inventions of Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies, Michael McKibben, inventor and CEO, by the Executive Branch, first under Clinton, then Bush and Obama.

How a remedy to this injustice can spark a truly FREE PRESS AND MEDIA that honors truthful, unbiased reporting almost overnight; and tames the fake media beasts in one bold move.


The declarations of the Miller Act Notice show that President Trump has the sole power to fix the organized, global propaganda frauds and election rigging by social media, literally with the stroke of a pen.

Leader proposes to provide the Executive with an exclusive global master license for social networking which will be owned by the Executive/U.S. Government. This will give the President the immediate power to order a new end user license agreement that honors the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights regarding privacy and security rights.

The IBM Eclipse Foundation (via the DoD Office of Net Assessment) stole Leader’s social networking invention and has never paid a license fee to Leader. The President can immediately order all users of social networking (persons, companies and organizations) to pay a surcharge in exchange for a license to continue using the technology legally.

That ongoing master license surcharge, that will be owned and held by the Government—We The People, will have two components: (1) $2/mo. to Leader, and (2) at the discretion of the President, e.g., a $5+/mo. government surcharge. Using 4 billion current users of social networking in the world, this would generate $240 billion in new revenue per year to the federal government without increasing taxes. This surcharge can be collected through the existing accounting system that telecoms use to collect the Universal Service Fee.

Leader also proposes a one-time payment of $40 billion to prime this pump. This represents a highly discounted fee for the last 20 years of theft and use of its social networking inventions. The ongoing income proposed will easily cover this up-front amount within months of initiation. In addition to getting Leader’s shareholders whole, a substantial portion (30% est.) of this inflow will be distributed to establish, enhance and expand proven alternative Free Press-Media Outlets immediately.

With the master license, the President can dictate the terms for the continued operation of the mainstream media and platforms who attack him unrelentingly with bogus accusations.

At the same time, Leader principles, most notably Michael McKibben, are ready to devote the bulk of their ongoing income from the master license to create a truly sustainable FREE PRESS with a plurality of NEWS OUTLETS who can start producing real, truth-based news instead of the current lockstep propaganda.

For more information on Leader Technologies and the Miller Act Notice, see:

U.S. Patent Office Screws Inventors

Michael McKibben has been creating this amazing technology of scalability when Mark Zuckerberg was in grade school and Jack Dorsey was playing video games. How does DARPA, IBM Eclipse Foundation, the Highlands Forum, and the Executive Office explain their theft of Leader Technologies’ patent which they have turned into a control and surveil system for the Pilgrims Society?

In this video, Star Trek actor William Shatner calls out an earlier invention of Michael’s, who we have always called “Scotty” McKibben here at the USS Mothership.

scotty mckibben mothershipTo all American inventors and entrepreneurs: The United States Patent and Trademark Office is run by British SERCO. It is there to STEAL the best ideas and patents from American inventors like Mike and divvy up among their globalist pals. Until the Brits and all foreign interests are removed from the USPTO, your patent is NOT SAFE and SECURE.

Here’s the raw file to use on your platform:


Learn more about Michael’s backstory here under this headline link which contains video interviews:

Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed By Zuckerberg

“Here is a story that the main stream, propaganda, corrupt media has chosen to ignore for over 17 years. We are counting on alternative media Truth Warriors to get this story out wide and far. This is im-givin-her-all-shes-got-captainthe story of all time that can set us free from internet imprisonment and censorship. Use the article in full or in part. Create you own article from what we have provided you so that it resonates with your unique audience.

Michael literally built the social media platform upon which we operate most of our digital systems. He designed it to be unlimited, scalable and fierce. He designed it for times like these when we “need all she’s got, Scotty.”

Let’s show this amazing entrepreneur, who has been forgotten, robbed and marginalized by the swamp creatures of the cabal, what we can do in the alt media space to tell his story, using the very technology that was stolen from him and his shareholders, to be ONE BIG VOICE OF RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.

Michael McKibben reminds us of another Scottish engineer – Scotty of Star Trek. The fictional character was in charge of the Enterprise engines, taking us “boldly where no man has gone before.” And now we have another Scotsman whose engine was built for travel in the digital realm, ready for this time and this space, to take us into higher realms of freedom and consciousness.”




United States Patent Office is a Criminal Racket

Forget the Chinese…Biggest thief of American patents is the United States Government! U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rips off thousands of hard working inventors and their shareholders.

No American invention is protected by the USPTO which is a government operation that steals patents and trade secrets for the British QinetiQ.

U.S. government steals patents from inventors.

Learn more about the theft of social media:

Facebook Unmasked – the Real Story

Facebook Insider Confesses All

Early Harvard Facebook insider spills his guts about how Facebook really got started.

Comey Lies and British Spies

Comey Lies and British Spies


Citizens Charge James Comey with 28 Counts of Treason


Major University Study Finds “Fire Did Not Bring Down Tower 7 On 9/11”

The complaint cites the failure of the FBI and its 9/11 Review Commission to assess key 9/11-related evidence that the FBI can be shown to have had, or been aware of, regarding:

  1. the use of pre-placed explosives to destroy World Trade Center Buildings, 1, 2, and 7;
  2. the arrest and investigation of the “High Fivers” observed photographing and celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11;
  3. terrorist financing related the reported Saudi support for the 9/11 hijackers;
  4. recovered plane parts, including serial numbers from all three crash locations;
  5. video from cameras mounted inside and outside the Pentagon; and
  6. cell phone communications from passengers aboard airplanes.


Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 9-11?


Mister Wonderful posted:

I keep hearing liberals say that the Betsy Ross flag has been appropriated by “hate groups” but they have yet to present primary source evidence. Kaepernick opened his mouth and now the rest of the zombies just keep repeating the same nonsense. So can anybody point me towards any evidence of the Betsy Ross flag being a “hate symbol”?


DuplexFields responded:

They’re conflating the Betsy Ross flag with the Confederate “Stars and Bars“, which increased its number of stars the more slave states seceded. At one point, there were also thirteen stars on the Stars and Bars.

betsy ross confederate flags.jpg


British Lies and British Spies

AFI Michael McKibben and AIM Douglas Gabriel report on the roots of fake news which are found in a huge global British spy network that spews propaganda to promote never-ending war, big pharma eugenics, regime changes, and even…the overthrow attempt of Donald J. Trump.

British Lies and British Spies


Learn more about Wellcome and the Wee Little Death Box

It is critical to understand the period between WWI and WWII and how the corruptocrats were financing themselves.

Sir Alfred Moritz Mond, an “enthusiastic” Zionist, is a key player in the Pilgrims Society, Empire Press Union and Privy Council …  and therefore, MI5/MI6/GC&CS

This article was written about a year before the Market Crash of 1929, for which the people cited in this article were beneficiaries.

alfred mond afi.jpg

Special Correspondent. (Jun. 02, 1928). The Finance Company of Great Britain and America, Ltd., ref. Sir Alfred Moritz Mond, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), Ltd., p. 17. The Sydney Morning Herald.