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Ursula von her Leyen – Is she the next un-elected president of the U.S.?

Dear Betsy,

Perhaps you saw this video of Ursula von her Leyen in Washington, DC. If not, it’s a piece worth seeing because it clearly reveals her intentions for the USA.

This past week, Ursula was at The White House. She also came to the US to accept an award from the Atlantic Council where she gave her American debut speech.

I have been wondering who will be our next commander and chief. My intuition tells me that Ursula came to America to finalize the merger of the US with the EU. If that is the case, then we probably won’t need to bother with the election of the next president.

With the state of mind and affairs inside the fake White House, it would be easy for her German persuasion talents to convince our illegitimate imposters to join the EU without our knowledge.

As for me, I will never again look at anything with Trump’s name attached to it.

After listening to Ursula’s speech, it all seems to make sense why the EU has interfered with every aspect of our lives in America. To me, Ursula is more frightening and deadly than the false virus. She’s a carbon copy of Hitler with a pretty face in a classic black dress.

It was very hard to listen to her entire speech and to watch her theatrical performance, but the one thing it did was to clarify the moves that the EU has been making to overtake the US. The content of her speech has left me feeling very uneasy. It definitely sounded as if the EU president came to present herself as our unelected Trans-Atlantic leader. It appears to be a soft coup and Americans (especially the youth) are very likely to fall for it.

Of course, she’s using the issue of taking responsibility for climate change as bait, but it’s clear from what she understates that she’s ready to throw us into war with Russia and China.

As for me, I have managed pretty well through the past two years by watch lots of very entertaining and very educational Chinese dramas. It appears that Americans are completely oblivious to the many developments that have taken place in China.

I’ve also been keeping an eye on the various EU, US, NATO joint provocations that are happening close to Russian and Chinese borders. I very much doubt that we are prepared for the response should the US and EU provoke an attack.

I hope that all is well with you and Thomas.

Wishing you both the very best,


Virginia elected a British loyalist as governor

For those of you looking into the newly-elected Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin who spent 25 years at the Carlyle Group, we had a few more things to say about this.

First, know what and who the Carlyle Group is, explained in this 2009 documentary.

The Carlyle Connection – VPRO documentary – 2009


When we did a work-up on QinetiQ, which was initially funded by the Carlyle Group, we found these judicially-recognizable securities documents from British Companies House.

Carlyle funded this company for the British Monarch! (Special Shareholder)

Proof of the Golden Share (Carlyle funds companies that it gives control of to the British Monarch)


President Trump – No Stable Genius


To: President Donald Trump:

On “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on October 30th, in a live interview, once again you bragged and took credit for fast-tracking three “vaccines” in Operation Warp Speed. You took pride in that and said that “the vaccines work.” Are you kidding me? You know better! Shame on you! Tens of thousands are DYING from adverse reactions to OPERATION WARP DEATH!

My question to you is this: Are you living inside a plastic bubble at Mar-a-Lago and have no idea how horrifically the “vaccine” kills people, or are you part of the Global Genocide Conspiracy of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Tony Fauci?

How can you say that you do not know how the “vaccine” is not a vaccine at all, because it does not produce antibodies to cure COVID, but instead is made of Messenger RNA containing spike proteins and prions comprised of graphene oxide that contains microscopic chards of metal that cut to pieces every blood cell in the human body over time, causing blood clotting, lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer, and death? Do you not know that graphene oxide steals oxygen from your heart, lungs, blood, and brain until there is no oxygen left to sustain life? Have you looked at the VAERS statistics lately to see how much damage the so-called “vaccine” has caused, keeping in mind that only between 1% and 10% of Vaccine Adverse Events are ever reported to VAERS?

Have you never seen any videos or lectures by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Peter McCullough, or your very own doctor, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, warning everyone that the “vaccine” is nothing more than a Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon? Have you ever taken the time to listen to even one podcast by Health Ranger Mike Adams?

On the other hand, many of us have seen the video of you together with Satanist Klaus Schwab at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, celebrating and ushering in the “Great Reset.” What was that all about, Mr. President?

Cutting to the chase since I know you are very busy: Do you want to be remembered as the greatest president in United States history who protected our Republic from Socialists and Marxists; who defended our borders; who made us energy independent; who knew how to end the war in Afghanistan without leaving $86 billion in equipment behind and without ever leaving Americans and Afghan allies behind like the Crash Test Dummy in the White House right now did? How you never allowed insane regimes like North Korea or Iran to develop nuclear weapons? or —

Do you want to be remembered as the president who did not take responsibility or ever apologize for OPERATION WARP DEATH, which ultimately will lead to the wretched agony, demise, and death of over 200 million Americans?

Proverbs 16:18 says that “Pride comes before a fall.” All you have to do is admit that you listened to so-called “experts” like Criminally Insane Tony Fauci, and that you did not realize until it was too late that they had and still have the most evil and demonic intentions. All you have to do is put your pride aside and tell the American people that you made a horrible mistake about the so-called “vaccine.” There are many Republicans who took the Lethal Injection after you endorsed it and are seriously injured or dead. It was not just Democrats and Independents who took the kill shot. You truly need to atone to them. If you speak out now, the America I know will love you for it.

Maybe you did not receive my 138 emails that I sent to you at, but one year ago in October of 2020, I begged you not to push the “vaccines” as part of your campaign. Your former Pastor, David Sorensen, said the same thing, just as I did, that if you push the Lethal Injection, you would never be elected, because God would never condone it. Now you are looking at 2024. Okay. However, I don’t think you’ve even considered how many Americans will be dead by then from the death jab, or even by the midterm elections next year.

I am just one person – a nobody. But a good 20,000 of your base of patriotic Americans are questioning why you ever promoted OPERATION WARP DEATH without researching the harm it will do. I hear people wondering about that wherever I go.

What I will gladly do is write a speech for you if you want one, letting the American people how sorry you are and how much regret you have for encouraging them to be “vaccinated” with Pfizer Poison or Moderna Murder. And that you should have done it already but your pride got in the way, but that you can no longer keep silent about your guilt over it. And how you listened to Fauci and thought that he and the CDC had the best interests of the American people at heart when you stood next to him in the Rose Garden, but then admitting: “Boy, was I wrong!” Do this, and you will come out on top, admitting your mistake, and even now at this late stage, saving a lot of lives of the “undecided” who are still considering taking the Lethal Injection.

You are the best president we ever had, but you are only human. Tell America that. Even Sean Hannity took the shot because he believed in you. You were not a medical doctor. You relied on Luciferian Fauci to your detriment as well as the detriment of the American people. Eventually Demon Fauci, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab will be tried in a Nuremberg-style court and hopefully guillotined or shot in front of a firing squad.

It isn’t even about your future run for the presidency. It is about your legacy. How do YOU want to be remembered 100 years from now? Your destiny is ultimately up to you.


Steven Fishman


Steven Fishman – Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust?

Beware of Donald Trump and Truth Social

Beware of Donald Trump and Truth Social – It’s a Trap


Here are the articles and posts referenced in the audio discussion between Mike, Doug, and Tyla.

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When Exactly Is the Mark of the Beast?

People of England have the right to self-determination under International Law

Attention all ENGLISH AIMCats, please create an alliance with this group in the United Kingdom:

The Conclave has made a connection with their primary agent – Graham Moore, talked with him extensively, and gives this group a THUMBS UP. We need AIMCats on-the-ground in England to align with them and provide AIM research and historical insight to theirs.

In order to defeat the PILGRIMS, who control all English-speaking countries and more, we need to create alliances of TRUTH SEEKERS like this.

Can we count on you?



English Constitutionalists at JFK memorial Runnymede England