Guber Huber and Fake News

Betsy and Thomas explain why Huber’s so-called ‘released report’ is an attempt to exonerate Hillary from her sins of the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

In this audio you will learn how propaganda like this, which used to work when patriots were asleep, is backfiring on the enemy. Thomas also explains what this fake news strategy is really about.

Guber Huber and Fake News

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Keep in mind that Senators cannot actively campaign for President while an impeachment trial is going on in the Senate.

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This would effect Senator Elizabeth Warren, too.

Click on the headline links below to learn more:

presstitutes fake newsMaybe this was the plan all along

Bernie can’t afford to skip campaigning weeks before Iowa with poll numbers like this!

Is Pelosi timing the impeachment articles’ release to damage Bernie and other Senators?



James E. Boasberg and the Oxford Union


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Yr. Oxford College Term Globalist presidents of the Oxford Union during James E. “Jeb” Boasberg’s 1985 student tenure with ABC’s George Stephanopolous College
1985 Hilary (from Jan  to Mar)

Roland Rudd

Regent’s Park
After graduating, Rudd worked as a policy coordinator for David Owen and the Social Democratic Party (he was the first SDP president of the Oxford Union). He was a financial journalist at the Sunday Correspondent and the Financial Times. In 1994, Rudd left the Financial Times to found RLM Finsbury with Rupert Younger. Rudd told The Independent in 2011, “I was at the Financial Times, writing about M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and conglomerates. Finsbury was hired by Russian Oligarch Alisher Usmanov, large early Facebook investor, to clean up his image. Rudd has been consistently accused of feeding stories by Robert Preston, the Business Editor for BBC News and Economics Editor, which makes sense given his Pilgrims Society connections.
1985 Trinity (from Apr to Jun)

Neil Sherlock

Christ Church
KPMG, PWC partner
Sir Nick Clegg (former Deputy Prime Minister, Vice President of Global Communication for Facebook); anti-Brexit advisor to the French Chamber of Commerce; Pilgrims Society, Trustee to the Carnegie UK Trust
1985 Michaelmas (from Oct to Dec)

Anthony Goodman

New College
He began his career in public relations in the UK. He is Co-Chair of The Conference Board (NY) ESG Center’s Human Capital Oversight & Disclosure Working Group. He was also founder and co-chair of the Shareholder-Director Exchange (SDX), which developed the first protocol for board-shareholder engagement in the US. Writer for the Pilgrims Society Financial Times.
Essentially, Russell Reynolds is a globalist Pilgrims Society coordinating body of “consultants” who tell their clients how to fall in line
1899 Hilary

John Buchan (later Lord Tweedsmuir)

Co-founder of the Pilgrims Society; delegate to the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909; founder of the Empire Press Union that founded MI6, MI5, GC&CS now GCHQ; First director of the Ministry of Information (1916, WWII propaganda, formerly Wellington House British War Propaganda Bureau led by Cecil Rhodes relative and Charles F.G. Masterman); Masterman also handled all monopolistic secret contracting with Marconi Wireless that later PM Lloyd George was caught buying Marconi stock in the U.S.
1903 Hilary

Herbert Asquith

British PM who oversaw the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909; Empire Press Union founding of MI6, MI5 and GC&CS now GCHQ; Imperial War Cabinet (WWI)
1920 Michaelmas

Beverley Nichols

Restarted and edited The ISIS after WWI (Oxford)
1980 Michaelmas

Rupert Soames

CEO of SERCO, globalist Pilgrims Society societal takeover company; runs US FEMA Regions 2 & 9; runs the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office from 2006); Obamacare website; much U.S. Navy Space Wars program;grandson of Pilgrims Society co-founder Winston Churchill; co-founder the Imperial War Cabinet (1916); supporter of the 2nd Boer War and British concentration camps (1899-1902);
Soames is listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolitta Express” pedophile “Little Black Book” along with Ghislaine Maxwell whose father Robert Maxwell owned The ISIS from 1962-1970.


Is the IRS Protecting David Brock of Media Matters?

Lois Lerner takes the 5th

Is the IRS Protecting David Brock of Media Matters?

In August 2019, we posted the note below about David Brock. We will keep posting it until we get results and give patriots a follow up on whether the IRS is treating all taxpayers fairly. To date, we have not received correspondence from the IRS about our whistleblower complaint formerly acknowledged by a letter of February 2017 for American 21st Century. We wrote on a Cat Report of August 2019:

We filed a complaint against David Brock’s non-profits for tax fraud. We gave the IRS extensive records, more than 300 pages, all of which were available from public filings of these so-called ‘non-profits’. We received two notices that our materials were received with a whistleblower complaint number. We filed in 2017 and received this letter:

IRS letter for American 21st Century

Below is the document we filed. We sent it nicely packaged in a three ring-binder with flash drive copies as well. We practically did all their F*CKING work for them. We made copies of the IRS forms where the fraud is so obvious even a rookie IRS agent could spot it. We still haven’t heard anything about this in-your-face tax fraud.

And you know why we haven’t heard back from them? Our guess is that some Senior Executive Services stooge is keeping this file from being acted upon because David Brock and Shareblue are Democrat babies.


David Brock IRS Complaint


russia collusionCalling on information warriors to push this information around the internet. This is an information war as Media Matters knows. Time to put the heat on them. Look at the documents yourself to see the tax fraud. Then get a copy to your congressperson and ask them what’s up with the IRS that it can be all up in Tea Party patriot business, but can’t get David Brock’s non-profits audited and reconciled in almost 3 years.

Who are these lazy, stupid, incompetent people running our government? (Although, technically, the IRS is just a henchman squad for the private Federal Reserve as it hustles taxpayers for mo-money, mo-money.)

ses vermin framed

lois lerner david brock


Get up. Get up. Get a move on. We have a planet to save from the Evil Empire.

ron spenceBy Starship 7 (aka Ron Spence) 

By now everyone in the AIM4Truth community are aware of the attacks upon POTUS and those leading these attacks. We see the corruption in the political, intelligence, judicial and law enforcement agencies, willing to commit treason to remove our duly elected President. The mainstream media would have everyone believe he’s a bad man, immoral man, abusive man, racist, the list goes on yet none of their accusations prove true.

With the latest revelations of the exposed wrongdoings, from the JFK assignation to the now obvious Ukraine scandal, we know the reason for treason. Our government and many other governments have been used as criminal mafia enterprises, like no other this planet has ever seen. President Trump threatens and, hopefully, will bring their reign of tyranny and corruption to an end. Likely sending many to the gallows. This is the obvious!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to get to the less obvious. The costs of this corruption.

First on this list are the illegal wars of aggression.

The cost of these acts in lives, money, pain, suffering is virtually incalculable, and the after effects will go on for ages. None of the other costs can compare with this, yet they must be acknowledged so that they can be counted, addressed and reconciled.

Second, and the reason I am writing this post, is about the war against the American people.

America has the highest prison population per capita in the world. Source

These numbers should have been the first sign of something terribly wrong in the criminal justice system and/or our laws.

Yet the numbers incarcerated do not tell the whole story of those affected such as the family members. Using five family members per inmate being adversely affected, monetarily and psychologically, the toll is tremendous to our country.

Now with the recent revelations of the corruption within our courts, judges, FBI, DOJ and failed lawmakers laws, we see how lawfare uses the legalization of withholding Exculpatory Evidence to make their cases. In combination with the profit for prisons and the inability of most accused being able to afford a representation equal to the powers of the government’s purse for prosecution are the government prison contracts to fulfill and employment positions and budgets to justify. We must ask ourselves, how many innocent people are being tortured?


That’s what it is when innocent people are incarcerated. The family members and inmates should be screaming for a redress of their cases, verdicts and sentences. Without addressing this would……….

Full stop….I’m now overwhelmed; can’t continue writing; the full scope of how far we’ve strayed from fair and just governance; the pain and suffering that it has caused; and how in the world we will ever return to good has set in.

Throughout the rest of the day and into the night, I try to shake it off. Thoughts and scenarios run through my head.

I’ve spent the better part of 10 years now, studying, researching, gathering information, forming groups, and posting in an attempt to bring to light the road to perdition our country has taken. I’m now looking back, seeing the costs that I’ve endured, that the patriots like us have had to endure. If you are one of us there is no need to explain.

I mount my bicycle as I do daily. 10 miles. I wish for someone to talk to, but like most of us, there isn’t anyone, again as most can sympathize, our friends and families due to many reasons are not on our level. So I pedal; doubt sets in;is it all worth it; is it all in vain?

I return home; determined, I pick up my tablet, read through my post. Still, I’m unable to continue. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with this article once I finish it. This thought occurs to me, we have not a vision yet, a place to posit ideas for reconstruction. Honestly, there have been no arrests. Censorship is at a all time high. The election is right around the corner and election rigging has yet to be addressed. Delay after delay in any action towards justice, leaving us little time to reflect upon how to right these wrongs. I resign myself to the daily chores, feed the animals, wash dishes, peel potatoes, make a potato, cheese casserole, eat and clean up.

It’s late evening now; I sit down; pick up the tablet again; still I’m unable to continue writing. Frustrated, I choose a video that does little to occupy my mind, it’s time for bed now.

I know if you’ve read this far you are wondering where this is going. Hold on, it’s about to get good!

I’m lying in bed now, in my mind at night, before sleep, I say my prayers, though to me it’s much more like a conversation. I thank the creator for another day of health, the food, etc. Then I turn the conversation to the day’s events, my doubts, anxieties and ask for guidance.  As I begin to drift of to sleep, a song starts playing in my head, I know this song. I’m singing along in my head.

Shinedown – GET UP

The lyrics run through my mind. This one line stands out, “Take it from me your not the only one, who can’t see straight”  I realize it’s the answer I’ve been searching for. I’m not the only one who goes through this, in the midst of this battle for justice and reconstruction, all of us have doubts, our faith is tested. I know now that I’m to write it all down so others can be inspired.

I smile knowing now where this is going and drift off to sleep.

It’s morning now “I guess you might say I’m a little intense, on the bright side of being hell bent” and inspired again having listened to the song over and over.

“If you were ever in doubt

Don’t sell yourself short, you might be bulletproof

Hard to move mountains when you’re paralyzed

But you gotta try And I’m calling out

Get up, get up

Get a move on

Get up, get up

What’s taking so long

Get up, get up

Get a move on

Stop stalling, I’m calling out

Get up, get up

Get a move on

Get up, get up

Ain’t nothing wrong

‘Cause I believe you can be what you’d like [?]

And I agree you can do much better, just trust me

Trust me”

We all draw our inspiration from somewhere. For me it’s been music in combination with movie epics like Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Grab that inspiration. See it. It’s all around us. Ask for that guidance in prayer or meditation; listen for the answer; look to those in your group for support; return that support.

Start imagining how we can start reconstruction and move forward. Start the conversation. Join the conversation.

I’ve come to realize throughout my years that the battle between good and evil never ends. There are always going to be “Monsters” and they are real, are ready to kill, and they just laugh at how we feel. The fight is never ending.

Which brings me to the importance of inspiring others. A certain person has challenged me, taken notice of my potential, saw my candle burning even though I was unable to see it for myself, claimed that I was a leader, that I should assume the role and step up. This weighed heavily on my mind, I’ve always been active, wanting to do more, yet not confident enough to step into the limelight any further. By challenging me, with their words of encouragement and inspiration they’ve given me the fuel to light me up to tell this story to inspire you.

Let us all see the light of the other persons’ candle, bring our lights together, use our light to light others that dim from time to time and combine our lights to illuminate the Road back from Perdition. I’m here to as well say thank you, that through your inspiration you’ve made me feel Invincible, and in writing this hope to help others to feel invincible.

The costs of the corruption is extensive, the damage extreme. Wrongs done that must be made right. Let us together find a way to heal from this and make restitution to those who have and still continue to be harmed. By first holding all accountable for what they’ve done!

Starship 7 over and out.



Mothership replies: Thanks for joining the fleet, Starship 7. We hope others will see that We the People are the leaders the world has been waiting for! Long ago, in a distance time and space, a Conclave member imagined a fairy tale that would find its way to the silver screen and keep the living spiritual impulse of hope, truth, and victory alive in the george soros darthhearts of billions of people for this time 2020 when we would face global forces on a mission to destroy humanity as we know it.

You know this Conclave member as Douglas Gabriel.

The story is real.

Now, let’s awaken these sleeper cells…literally. The Evil Empire is trying to take over the world and we need massive fleets of Rebel Alliance and Starships to wake up and start getting into battle formation. 

Each one of you has been called upon to do something. Use your skills, talents, interests, time, and resources to do what you can. Our goal is to destroy globalism and bring in an age of peace and prosperity to our planet in a world full of beautiful, separate, distinct nations with lots of great borders, fences, and walls to keep everybody safe at home.

Speaking of LEADER, that reminds us of why we endearingly call Michael McKibben the Chief Engineer Scotty of our Mothership. Had Michael and the team at Leader Technologies not invented the special coding needed to operate the internet for SCALABLITY...none of this would be happening now. Our truth community would not be collaborating deep inside cyber space, connected globally with the mission to SAVE THE PLANET from the Pilgrims Society and Evil Empire.

Not until this time in history has humanity had a way to communicate in real-time and become unified as a force for truth, transparency, and peace.

Hey, McKibben! We need more power! Warp speed!

scotty mckibben mothership.jpg


Join us. Be a Leader


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