Make your own colloidal silver water

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Do you have skeptic in your life saying “show me the proof” of the safety and effectiveness of colloidal silver? Here’s the reference material you need to present to them.

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How to Construct a Grape Trellis

Helpful tip for those of us setting up orchard gardens. This is a very sturdy grape trellis that we will be building in our backyard to go along with the peach, apple, and cherry trees. We call the backyard plantings our “fruit salad”.


Also a tip for algae growth in hydroponic Kratky buckets – try a splash of colloidal silver water in your containers. For a five gallon bucket, I use about 1/4 cup of the homemade brew. Adjust amount according to bucket size. Unbelievable how well it keeps down or eliminates algae growth as long as you are doing the basics to keep light out of your buckets or channels.


Here’s our homemade recipe for colloidial silver water – so great for all kinds of uses. From COVID, colds, and flues to pool cleaning and hydroponics.

Using Colloidal Silver in Your Swimming Pool

EASY RECIPE: How to make Silver Colloidal Water

BitChute Goes Down the Chute with New Terms of Service

BitChute changed its terms of services as of June 1, 2021 by bending a knee to the BRITISH and the EUROPEAN UNION. For anyone posting TRUTH on this platform, please be aware that these guidelines are draconian and meant to arrest you for INCITEMENT TO HATRED.

Below are some screen shots. The policy changes and access to the hyperlinks are listed here:

Section 368E Subsection (1) of the UK Communications Act 2003

Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Prohibited Entities List.

Eric Brakey’s Fight for Liberty

By Eric Brakey

Truth be told, that last campaign took a lot out of me.

And when I finally had a chance to breathe, I began to realize how much the last decade took out of me.

Politics is a toxic world to live in. The whole culture works to change you, tearing at the fabric of your most sincerely held ideals until you become just another brick in the wall.

The only way to avoid that fate is to guard your heart, stand your ground, and keep your mission in focus. The Bible tells Christians, “Be in the world, not of the world.” That advice applies equally well to anyone entering the world of politics.

Despite many big accomplishments like the Ron Paul 2012 campaign and Constitutional Carry, the whole thing was running me ragged after ten years. I gave it my all every single day, but I didn’t always make time for much else. I often felt like the whole world would fall apart if I took a vacation.

I remember 9 years ago, we had just won the 2012 Maine Republican Convention for Ron Paul. Our delegation was being challenged by the Mitt Romney Campaign. We were thrust onto the center stage in the national fight for liberty.

I was only 23 years old and every decision felt way too heavy for me, but many looked to me for leadership, so I did the best I could. I led by asking others for advice, seeking collaboration, and striking when the moment seemed right. (I did my best to keep personal panic attacks to myself.)

That summer, a friend of mine went away to become a camp counselor. I will always remember because the realization hit me: gone are the days I will ever be able to just pick up and disappear for three months to be a camp counselor.

Until that moment in my life, I had only ever been responsible for myself. Even working on the Ron Paul campaign, I had always had a boss to answer to. Suddenly the Ron Paul campaign was over, but I was still there… and so were thousands of Maine people who had followed my lead to take over the Maine Republican Party at the infamous 2012 convention.

How do you walk away from that? I felt a responsibility to everyone. It simply didn’t feel like my life was my own anymore. To go back to my old life left like abandoning my duty.

Are any of us ever ready for that when it lands on us? I don’t know that we can ever be. I certainly wasn’t. Still, I ran with it the best I could. I made plenty of mistakes along the way, but somehow I ended up pretty far down that road.

But as time went on, it became an increasingly lonely road.

Political differences made me feel increasingly unwelcome and out-of-place in friend circles from high school, college, and the theatre community. To this day, I only have a few friends from those eras of my life who I can still talk to (like my best friend through high school, Aaron Gobidas).

At the same time, so many of the friends who I began this fight for liberty alongside weren’t there anymore.

Some friends I lost along the way to bitterness spawned from disagreements (as is the sad nature of politics).

Others simply dropped off to live their lives, get married, and start families. “Good for them,” I thought, before wondering when I was ever going to have time for any of that. (Thank God for David Boyer and Erin Daly, who always had my back.)

The trouble is, it’s hard to make new friends once you are in politics because it’s hard to extend trust to new people.

When people want to be your friend before you are “somebody,” it’s for who you are. Treasure those people.

Once you are perceived as “somebody,” suddenly a lot of people want to be your friend for what you are. There’s an important, subtle difference between the two.

Sometimes I wonder if I dodged a bullet last year.

If we had won the primary, I’m fairly certain we would have won the general election.

I believe I would have done at least as well representing Maine in Congress as I did in the Maine Senate, and it would have been an honor to join Congressman Thomas Massie in his fight against the swamp.

But I also know that I was burning my candle from both ends.

I’m sorry to the people of Maine that I have not been as present this year as I have in the past decade, fighting back against these state tyrannies.

I may not be taking center stage as often as I used to, but I am doing what I can from here at Young Americans for Liberty to help in Maine and across the country.

During recent years, I organized many grassroots political leadership schools across Maine.

I am encouraged to see so many who attended those trainings have become Maine liberty leaders for a new decade — both inside and outside the legislature. They give me hope for our state.

Paul LePage would always say, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” I tried to live by that for many years, but as time wore on, I came to realize that there is a serious flaw in this line of thinking.

It should be, “If it is to be, it’s up to us.” That may not rhyme as well, but no one can do it alone.

The best leaders are those who are ready to follow. We must not allow our own egos (which are necessarily large for those who enter the political arena) to come before service to the mission.

Leaders must teach and lift up others to replace them. Personally, I consider this my greatest fault. I’m not always sure I did enough over the last decade to train new leaders, so I crammed a lot in during my last few years.

I am glad to see some of those new leaders taking that torch and running with it.

As for me, I can’t honestly say what the future holds.

For now, I am glad that I stopped delaying family for politics. I am blessed to be celebrating a one-year anniversary with my wife.

Also, I am blessed to be working every day at Young Americans for Liberty with some of the most talented and dedicated liberty champions in the nation. It’s nice to be on a team again.

To all my friends out there, thank you for your support throughout the years. I’m still fighting in my own way and I hope you are too.

Taking out the British Pilgrims – American style

Citizens have three powerful fronts moving to victory in the Great Information War against the BRITISH PILGRIMS. Anyone can join us in one or more fronts, around the world, to destroy the Rothschild and British Pilgrims empire once and for all.

Don’t sit on the sidelines like some STUPID BRAINWASHED ZOMBIE. We give you three fronts and explain the penetrable points that you can leverage for winning as soon as you listen to the instructions.

Raw audio file:

CIA, Five Eyes, London, Pilgrims, and Bill Donovan

The AFI miners pulled up more truth nuggets about William J. Donovan, Five Eyes, the Pilgrims and more. Please push this through your intelligence networks. This earlier report on Donovan provides background intel:

‘Wild Bill Donovan’ and the Creation of the CIA and Five Eyes by the Pilgrims Society to Control America


William J. Donovan, OSS WWII founder, CIA founder, “Five Eyes” founder, Bank for International Settlement founder in Switzerland with Allen W. Dulles (JFK assassin) was a Rockefeller/J.P. Morgan/Pilgrims Society stooge. He began travelling for them, as a key Pilgrims Society implementer just after the end of WWI—at the same time as Lenin’s Pilgrims handler, MP Philip Whitwell Wilson was moving to the US to be an editor at the New York Times. No wonder the Pilgrims Society gives an award in his name every years, and US CENTCOM (Microsoft (IBM)/Scytl Election Systems) has an auditorium named after him.

Propaganda + Spying for the banks and the corrupt-politicians

Wikipedia’s extensive Donovan propaganda fails to mention the Foreign Commerce Corporation of America

Founded on New Year’s Eve, 1919



Donovan was working for the Rockefeller Foundation in Mar. 1916… during WWI


The Commerce Corporation of America?

William J. Donovan

Foreign Commerce Corporation of America

15 Broad Street

New York, N.Y.

What was that corporation?

Formed right as the League of Nations was starting.


Warning: The Wikipedia entry for “Wild Bill” Donovan is doctored/propaganda.

One must read between the lines. The tails of heroism are evidently made up. The juicy details are too juicy. Major events are glossed over, like his organizing role in the creation of “Five Eyes” in the Spring of 1946 when the U.S. ceded intelligence sovereignty to British MI6/MI5/GCHQ/GC&CS, and like his central role (with his surrogate Allen W. Dulles) in the organization of the Bank for International Settlements in Zurich, and like his association with Klaus Schwab’s Nazi father Eugene and the German, Swiss, South African nuclear/eugenics programs, and like his association with Anthony Fauci’s ABYS family in Swiss war-making and eugenics, and his membership and leadership with the British-American Pilgrims Society—who borrowed his Foundation as their own, until just a few years ago.

  • William J. Donovan was born in 1883
  • He organized “Five Eyes” UK-US intelligence conspiracies in 1946 that effectively gave the sovereignty of US intelligence to the British Empire starting in 1941 under instructions from Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, who had earlier ordered the creation of RCA using Marconi Wireless (UK) assets
  • He ran the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) for Franklin Roosevelt, renamed the CIA in 1947

In 1905-1906 he attended Betts Street School in downtown London which was:

  • 12 min. taxi to the City of London (the financial district controlled by the Pilgrims via Lord Rothschild and King Edward VII)
  • 3 min. taxi to the Tower of London
  • 19 min. taxi to the British Museum (where Vladimir Lenin planned Bolshevism for the British Pilgrims Society to take down Czar Nicholas and destabilized a key competitor for world resources for Rio Tinto and the British East India Company)
  • 22 min. taxi to Pilgrims Society MP Philip Whitwell Wilson, 116 Percy Circus, St Pancras; Wilson was Vladimir Lenin’s host  Apr. 22 and May 10, 1905; Wilson was one of the chief organizers of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 when modern propaganda, intelligence and bioweapons (American (Sir) Henry Wellcome Trust—chief financier of the Coronavirus at The Pirbright Institute that he endowed) as policy began in Britain

The Pilgrims Society was already planning their First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 and were busy coaching Vladimir Lenin in how to destroy Czarist Russia militarily, and with propaganda.

PDF p. 74




Dec. 31, 1919—The day satanic institutional corruption took root in today’s America.

Editor. (Dec. 31, 1919). MORGAN ENTERS WORLD TRADE – Foreign Commerce Corporation of America, re. J.P. Morgan, H.P. Davison, T.W. Lamont, E.R. Stettinius, Grayson M.P. Murphy, later William J. Donovan-MI6/Marshall Plan/CIA/JFK assassination (all Pilgrims Society members). The Baltimore Sun (Jan. 01, 1920).

See also background: AFI. (Oct. 24, 2019). The 200-year Information War: The UK-U.S. Pilgrims Society controls the Press that directs intelligence (spy-lies) to bend words and culture to atheistic social fascism. Americans for Innovation.

Proof of William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan’s lying-spying-lawyer British Pilgrims Society junket for J.P. Morgan in Spring 1920 (includes Donovan’s U.S. Passport Application for this trip)

Editor. (Jun. 21, 1920). Col. W. J. Donovan is back from Europe, re. legal work for Foreign Commerce Corporation of America, J.P. Morgan interest. The Buffalo Enquirer (NY).



Keep reading! These nuggets were discovered after this post was published:

Psychological Warfare Hoisted on the World by CIA and U. S. Military