Patriots are winning on many fronts

Betsy and Thomas review several topics in today’s audio:

1) Anarchists in Democrat run cities are being arrested

2) Kamala’s new look (see video below as well)

3) Parent education options in the fall

4) Why is Bill Barr doing NOTHING about arresting coup operatives??

kamala harris transformed


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tt obama treason


kamala harris before after

Who switched Kamalas? Folks are wondering if this is a Kamala double, CGI…or is she a meth head who missed a few adrenochrome treatments?

Kamala Harris Face

Whatever is pictured in the video, it still hasn’t proven to us that it is eligible to hold the office of President of the United States. Actually, where is any proof that Kamala is a citizen of the United States? It isn’t on her birth certificate with two FOREIGN students who were her parents.

When did Harris become a citizen? There will have to be paperwork to prove this folks….unless (gasp) Kamala is an illegal alien!

kamala harris birth certificate


Read under the headline link:

Exposing Betsy DeVos’s Plan for Totalitarian Public Education

Face masks are harming health care workers

AIM Patriot Ron S. wanted to give the American Intelligence Media community an update on his personal experience about the face mask issue. He writes:

Yesterday I asked the question about the likelihood of the possibility that the masks are being laced with or manufactured with materials harmful to people. The answer is yes.

My partner, after being sent home from work for being unable to wear the hospital issued, supplied and ordered to wear face mask, went to the urgent care facility to document and diagnose that indeed she was in respiratory distress.

The trauma was visually evident as a rash around the area of the face mask was and her sinus cavity swollen.

medical condition. name removed

The physician confirmed and prescribed medication for her distress as well as the face mask being the apparent causation of her allergic reaction. In conversation with the physician, it was also stated this to be a common condition and has seen it multiple times.

She will be going to her primary care physicians today to get a second opinion and further documentation as the incident at work will likely cause her disciplinary action and or losing her employment for being unable to wear the mask. This is very distressing in our situation, she has 34 years in the healthcare industry and approaching 60. Finding another form of employment in this new normal environment where face masking isn’t required will be difficult if not impossible. She is our soul supporter of our income as I am 62 riddled with arthritis and joint damage from working in the construction trades all my life, with no medical insurances to offer any or the will to have surgeries to repair the damages. My job has been the housewife, cook, gardener and upkeep of the home.

It is with a heavy heart I am telling you our story, yet I feel I must, as this plan of the new world order unfolds, all of us awakened peoples are being persecuted and exiled from society.

Yesterday Governor Northam of Virginia made the statement at the early part of his crackdown on violators speech, (@6:00 mark linked below) that these dictates will be adhered to until the vaccine becomes available. What he said there is the writing on the wall of what’s in store for our future unless we can come together and stop the dictators. Clearly if you listen to the speech, these restrictions will be in place until the vaccine is available.

What exactly does that mean? Only then, once you are vaccinated, will our freedoms be restored, just as he has now ordered anyone not masking or refusing to be masked to be removed from retailers property at the threat of losing their business license as his army of undercover spies spy on them to make sure they comply to his commandments. These same tactics will be used once the vaccinations become available, perhaps worse. The war is upon us patriots, sidestepping with the medically exempt card won’t work, property owners and businesses have no option but to expel nonconformists from their establishments.

The noose is tightening. The line has been drawn. This is for all the marbles, will you rise up to the occasion and fight for your freedoms and that of your children’s or cower under the boot heels oppression to this New World Order? If they can succeed in doing this to us, then there are no limits to the further commandments and dictates they can force down our throats.

Tyrannical Governor Northam’s press conference.

A second opinion confirmed prior diagnosis, with exception. The primary care physician who is in the same company would not identify the face mask as the cause. Also was told that writing a doctors note exempting anyone from wearing a face mask was not permissible. Even with her lifelong battle with asthma or the evidence from the allergic reaction.

She informed her supervisor and the employee health department of their findings, they reiterated that wearing an approved face mask is mandatory in all of their facilities, she is scheduled for a meeting Friday to see if there is another approved mask that she can wear. They have policies in place about uniformity in apparel that they won’t deviate from, as they cannot make exceptions for one without doing so for all.

She got strong meds and we slept most of the evening and night and she seems to be doing better. It’s all been quite traumatic.

She does plan on trying to return to work until they mandate the vaccinations, so that we can continue to prep for for the final stand.

Healthcare providers will be on the firing line first for the vaccinations, just as they did with the no opt out of the past flu vaccines. Many had to quit then or be fired but most complied. It’s not hard to see the progression and now they are implementing it at break neck speed.

Since the Fed can print as much money as it likes, why do we have to pay the IRS anything? Just print as much as it needs and leave us citizens alone!

income tax time thumbnail


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The website Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children is filled with information referenced in today’s audio.

Is the IRS protecting David Brock?


Face Masks Fail Engineer Inspection

Read our findings, just under the headline link below:

Do Face Masks Actually Filter The Air We Breathe Against Viruses

face mask filter

Listen to Michael, Douglas and Tyla discuss this engineering FLAW.


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Print Your Own Face Mask Exempt Card


Notes in response to your comments in the comment box:

The pressure issue is more nuanced. The pressure equalization comes from both sides of the eardrum: (1) from the throat side, this air neutralizes an air pressure differential in the inner ear—viruses and bacteria can flow up to the middle ear and cause ear infections of the middle ear, and (2) from the outside air on the other side of the ear drum. Air passes up to and around both sides, separately.

The eardrum can absorb viruses, bacteria from the outside through the Eustachian tube up to the eardrum, so there is where the viruses get in unfiltered from the outside air. So we were more right than the lady because she was seeing the forest not the trees. We described the trees. Our premise didn’t change, but I had assumed that actual air flowed past the eardrum, but I have read multiple times that it does not, and this makes sense, since the ability to pick up sound vibrations would dissipate if air could pass around and not vibrated the eardrum. There would be no air pressure on the eardrum to pick up the sound!

ears correction,cause%20less%20discomfort%20than%20usual.

ruptured eardrum

eustacian tube,when%20the%20Eustachian%20tube%20opens.

We are Big Pharma Slaves

Listen to Douglas and Tyla explain why America is in big trouble. This is a shocking finding that you need to scale to your friends and family. Contact your elected representatives immediately and demand that this legislation be terminated.

face mask genocide


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Read the full report at:

We Are Pharmaceutical Slaves

Print Your Own Face Mask Exempt Card

BONUS from AIM Patriot Kearney who made these hi-res images for us. Scale to size once you download the file, then print and use as you wish. We recommend that you laminate them so they look “official”. Or print them on shiny photo paper for a finished look.

Wear them from a lanyard so that folks with mask fear can see how easy it is to be face-naked. Make a few for friends. Pass around the networks and let’s help folks get over their mass hysteria.

Purchase laminating pouches or sheets at your office supply store to laminate your badge. You can also purchase lanyards there. Or slip the card into a name badge sleeve that hangs from a lanyard – you might have one lying around from the last conference you attended that required name badges.

Let’s help folks overcome their mask fear. If someone asks you about the badge, give them a slip of paper with pre-printed instructions on how to make their own.  Here’s what you can say.

Make your own FACE MASK EXEMPT card, following these easy instructions:

We made a sheet of these that you can print and cut. Leave them in places where others might find the information useful. Make your own FACE MASK EXEMPT card


face mask pass vertical 2

To save the image of the face mask badges: From your computer, hover your mouse over the image, right click, and save as a jpg file. If you don’t have a computer, use your pad, tablet or phone to do the same. Once your file is saved as a jpg, you can send forward it to a printer for printing.If you don’t have a printer, go to a local office supply store and they can show you how to get your jpg image on to their printer.

face mask card horizontal 1

We are fighting an information war. Guns are not needed, but big bold statements are.

Please share these DIY face mask exempt badges in your network. The globalshits use masks to fill public spaces with fear and take away the human smile. By wearing the badge, we are sending message of love and hope with our smiling human face and by our peaceful resistance to the first step towards genocide.

FACE MASK EXEMPT badges say NO to global tyranny.

Optional: You can place this image (below) on the back of the badge in case you need to explain things to a fellow patriot.

mask mark 666


AIM Patriot Gil wants to know:

Long time follower. Love all your information. I am wondering about the exemption card you are promoting. According to what others are saying and the justice department website these cards are fraud. Is this true? Or are they losing to us about that as well.

Our reply: Our card does not contain the Department of Justice logo as the ones you are describing have. The one below is NOT GOOD because it uses a DOJ logo. The enemy is trying to distract from ours because folks everywhere are wearing them and they are trying to discredit.

So this one is NOT GOOD.


These are fine. If you are in another country, please modify with legal and cultural language that is appropriate:

face mask exempt card trimmed

For those of you wondering how to get the image from your phone to the printer when you don’t have a printer, go to a local office supply store that has printers. Ask the attendee how to send an image from your phone to them for printing. They may give you an email address or even a phone number for texting. From there, ask them to print the card. Use photo or heavy stock paper or ask them to laminate for you. Make sure to pick up a lanyard!

Here’s a photo of mine with one of my special EO Texas lanyards:

face mask exempt on lanyard


face mask genocide


mask to genocide


genocide chart


AIM Patriot Mayford is standing her ground. She writes:

I refuse to wear a mask even though it is “mandatory” for the State of Taxes. I do at Home Depot because I will be terminated if I don’t. This was brought up by one of our employees that says if you are a peaceful protestor there is nothing they can do. So I peacefully protest. After work today I went to Walmart and as I entered one of their employees ask where my mask was, I told her I was protesting and she said nothing.


From the Massachusetts order below: “A person who declines to wear a mask or cloth face covering because of a medical condition shall not be required to produce documentation verifying the condition.”

massachusetts face mask order


virus protection camps


Patriot Miller adds a note post-production:

Maybe we could put OSHA Regulation 1910.134 on the back

States (if you scroll down): 1910.134(b)

Definitions. The following definitions are important terms used in the respiratory protection standard in this section.

Oxygen deficient atmosphere means an atmosphere with an oxygen content below 19.5% by volume.

Also, standard ID Card:
For the purpose of creating ID cards and badges, the most common plastic card size is the CR80 or ID-1 format. These designations refer to plastic cards measuring about the size of a credit card 85.60 mm by 53.98 mm (3.370 inches by 2.125 inches). The typical thickness for this type of card is 0.030 inches, or 30mil.




Rand Corporation Controlled by the Pilgrims Society

Thank you to archivists in a major public library for helping us obtain this Report–that was broken into numerous segments and  buried in a non-public archive. Thank you to Anonymous Patriots for assembling those parts into this single package, then indexing it to make it searchable, and compressing it from 150 to 35 MB. (Note, the original segments provided had to be re-indexed as the search texts were quite scrambled and of low quality in the original.) This lack of searchability means the contents were largely hidden from public scrutiny—a tactic typical of those who would deny us true history. No more.

Rep. B. Carroll Reece, (TN 1st). (Dec. 16, 1954). H. RES. 217 REPORT: Special Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Organizations especially those that may be engaged in un-American and subversive activities for political purposes, propaganda, or attempts to influence legislation (e.g. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford Foundations), 83rd Congress, 1st Session, 445 pgs. GPO. (35MB).


CONTENTS NEED TO BE CROWD-SOURCED. Please help, if you can.

tax-exempt foundations

The power of the individual large foundation is enormous.


foundation 1


Such a concentration of power is highly undesireable

foundation 2


A system antithetical to American principles

foundation 3


Far-reaching power of the large foundation and of the interlock (among foundations) has so influenced the press, the radio, and even the government that it has become extremely difficult for objective criticism of foundation practices

foundation 4


Research in the social sciences is almost wholly in the control of professional employees of the large foundation and their obedient satellites

foundation 5


Foundation power teams promote scientism or fake science

foundation 6


Promoted moral relativity with “social scientists” who alone are capable of guiding the unwashed masses

foundation 7


Favor political opinions to the left

foundation 8


Promotes collectivist propaganda

foundation 9


Vast propaganda, internationalism, world government, derogation of American nationalism; blindly propagandize for the United Nations, leftist.

foundation 10


Directly supported Communism, subversion, undermining organizing principles, attaches on our social and governmental system, promoted socialism and collectivist ideas

foundation 11

foundation 12


ford foundation


foundation 13


In Sep. 1917, Pilgrim Society leader Elihu Root was the founding chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), first called “The Inquiry.” Root joined the Pilgrims Society in 1906. Andrew Carnegie joined the Pilgrims Society in 1908.

Nicholas Murray Butler (1925-1945) was also president of the American Pilgrims Society (1928-1946).


foundation 14


foundation 15


foundation 16


foundation 17


foundation 18


foundation 19


pilgrims“Intellectual Cartel” – but here the Committee pulled up short. While alluding to the Pilgrims Society, it failed to focus on the elephant in the room. They seemed quite eager to avoid the “conspiracy” label, probably in reaction to the just concluded McCarthy hearings. Too bad, they missed an opportunity that we are suffering from this day.

Remarkably, the identified Rockefeller, Carngegie, Ford, Root, Murray who all had one thing in common besides different foundations:



foundation 20


This paragraph is obsequious pandering to profound illogic… of course they were conspiring together. This wasn’t just coincidence.

foundation 21


Back on track:

Concentration of power, undermine precious institutions, promotes radical change to our government and society

foundation 22


The Rand Corporation: Mentions Battelle Memorial Institute that participated in the theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention.

foundation 23


foundations education government


foundation 24


foundation 25


Emphasis on the Fabians draws attention away from their handlers: Pilgrims Society

foundation 26