Is It A Wonderful Life? Who Is John GALT?

By AIM Patriot Condor

On January 7, 1946, on the 3rd year anniversary death of his friend and inventor, Nikolas Tesla, Detective Mike Hammer got a possible homicide call from a team of forensic scientists. During the excavation in the back yard of a large family estate, an underground bunker structure was uncovered. The body of a middle-aged man was found behind what appeared to be prison bars. Detective Hammer was called to the scene to investigate.

After a thorough examination of the crime scene and the recovery of some pieces of evidence, astonishing facts surfaced. It appears local police had solved a missing persons cold case from May 30, 1917.

A ten-year-old boy, named George Bailey had disappeared without a trace. Present evidence suggested the kidnap victim had been imprisoned within the confines of the large, reasonably comfortable bunker cell for the last twenty-nine years. While there was a sink, toilet, kitchen, bed and small library of books and magazines behind the confine bunker bars, an autopsy confirmed George Bailey died of starvation.

Circumstantial evidence, suggested Bailey died sometime in June of 1942. This estimate was suggested by Potterville Hospital records which confirmed Mr. Henry F. Potter, owner of the estate, suffered and died of a massive heart attack on May 30, 1942. Potter’s body was found slumped in his wheelchair in the kitchen. There was a cake on his lap with a single, unlit candle. The on-scene detective’s notes, from four years earlier, indicated everyone was baffled by this unusual scene. An explanation was never found, that is, until now. Unfortunately, the prime kidnapping suspect was now resting in peace under a great tombstone in Potterville cemetery.

Potter’s descendants, who have only grown richer, more powerful and famous, indicated they were never privy to the business affairs of their family benefactor. Folklore had it that Potter could see future time lines and knew how to act on them. Rumor had it that Potter cashed out all his stocks just prior to the big Crash of 29. He ended up buying all of Bedford Falls and soon after renamed it Potterville.

philip stern.pngSadly, Mike Hammer quickly learned that anyone else associated closely with the case were now deceased, apart from a writer named, Philip Van Doren Stern, age, forty-five.  When contacted, he issued a nervous no comment over the phone.

The investigation dragged on into December. Mike Hammer learned the very same writer, Philip Stern, was indeed an author, editor, and Civil War historian. He lived briefly in Bedford Falls just a few years after the kidnapping. He apparently did some poking around in 1920 to see if there was a story he could write about.

wonderful lifeHammer looked down at a movie ticket he had just purchased. A few years earlier, the author had sold a story he published to a movie studio. It was originally called The Greatest Gift. It was now being released this evening, December 20, 1946. The movie title had been changed.  It was now called, It’s a Wonderful Life[1]

Leaving the theater after the movie ending titles began to roll, Mike Hammer came out looking pale and a little shaken. He turned his head back towards the couples now exiting the theater. Their faces glowed with smiles and tears. They were holding each other’s arms for warmth and comfort.

Hammer shook his head trying to shake away his dark thoughts about the similarities between Tesla and Bailey.  Could it be this easy for evil people to change present and future history? If George Bailey had not been kidnapped, would Potterville have remained Bedford Heights as it did in the movie? Would the world be a better place today? Maybe so!  The only character who ended up miserable, in the movie, was Potter.

tesla funeralHammer then thought about all the suppressed inventions of his former friend, Tesla.  Most of the public would never know about this amazing man. The elites would make certain history would forget Tesla. Whenever a Tesla invention threatened a secret monopoly of the elites, it was suppressed, sabotaged or stolen.[2]

Like George Bailey, in the picture show, Tesla didn’t really care about wealth and fame. Tesla wanted to restore the world to his vision of a forgotten time of peace and plenty for all.

It was not to be. Hammer had heard through the grapevine Tesla’s death was actually a homicide— through suffocation. Powerful Wall Street elites ordered the death be declared of natural causes.

How might the world have changed if just Tesla’s wireless electricity invention had been adopted in 1901 like his alternating current had been? There would likely have been no WWI or WWII.  There would be two hundred million more people enjoying a life of peace and plenty. Could a small group of global elite bankers actually deny humanity the future Tesla envisioned for them?

Mike Hammer stepped away from the theater. He felt an ill wind lap at the perspiration which had begun beading on his forehead. He pulled his hat snug. Buttoning up his coat, he shrugged his shoulders nervously as a cold chill ran through his body.

He decided he would close the George Bailey case file in the morning. Best he pursue crimes he could investigate and solve. There were no longer any kidnappers, possibly pedophiles, associated with this case, alive. Who could he throw in jail?

This case was far beyond his pay grade and expertise! There was an author friend he was going to have a coffee with.  Maybe he would tell her about this strange case.

With that, Mike Hammer[3] turned and disappeared into the dark, frigid night, mumbling, “Who is John Galt?”[4]



[3] A publisher friend of Ayn Rand had just finished reading an unpublished manuscript by a first-time writer named Mickey Spillane. Spillane wrote I, the Jury in just 19 days.  Spillane introduced his most famous character, hardboiled detective Mike Hammer.

AR couldn’t put the manuscript down.  She read through it in one evening.  She was spellbound by the fact that when you finished the book, you realized Spillane had introduced all the clues to solving the mystery by the reader—it was only a question of if the reader paid close enough attention to the clues provided within the novel. They met and became good friends. In one of the stranger literary love matches of the period, AR developed a professional crush on the crime novelist.  Spillane’s detail to clues would prove an inspiration for Ayn Rand’s next epic novel, Atlas Shrugged.

[4]Who is John Galt” was first penned on paper, September 2, 1946, by Ayn Rand, three john galt.pngmonths before the opening of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  The opening sentence of the epic novel, Atlas Shrugged, would be a famous phrase repeated almost one hundred times throughout the novel. It was finally completed and published in 1957.

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  1. While recently give a friend a slimmed down version of my view of the corruption amongst US leaders and world events concerning the “Elites”, he asked me: “Have you read Atlas Shrugged by Anne Rand?” to which I replied: “No, but I’ve read Anthem, which she wrote. He told me that Atlas Shrugged was a fiction story that seems to parallel what you are claiming is now fact.
    After your post today…..
    I have goose bumps ALL OVER MY BODY !!
    WOW ! Is all I can muster at this time !

    Thanks AIM !

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