Santa Trump Delivers

Weed, Peace, and a free Tibet

Betsy and Thomas are thrilled with the gifts that Santa Trump is bringing Americans. From the legalization of hemp to troop withdrawal in Korea, Syria and Afghanistan Trump’s sleigh is filled with spectacular gifts of peace and prosperity.

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American Intelligence Media
Our VSGPOTUS is letting Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell drain the swamp for him. Can you imagine all the things we will be able to accomplish with the enemy Senior Executive Service operatives out of the picture? Better than using the Holman Rule.
Just let them sit out there waiting to see how long the government stays closed, all the while they go without a paycheck – not even $1 a year – NOTHING. Of course Congress will probably give it all back to them in paid furlough – but WE THE PEOPLE can raise a stink about this. Demand that the furloughs go UNPAID.
Then let the Senior Executive Service employees figure out how they are going to pay their mortgages, utility bills, private piano lessons for the children, and dinners out in fancy Virginia restaurants. They probably can’t go 2 weeks without income because their personal households are incredibly stretched. If they do have any investments, the value is dropping daily.
They will continue to sweat it out as most are in households with other furloughed government workers. SO NO ONE IS GETTING INCOME FLOW. And it’s Christmas. And it will spill over to businesses all around D.C. The entire community will be panicked.
But, remember, they are the entrenched bureaucrat army. They are Obama’s Army. They will be putting so much pressure on Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and all of Congress to do a deal with Trump who now holds all the cards. He can say  – actually, I need $8B.
They will have to CAVE because their SES foot soldiers will be in utter chaos about their income situation. And you know the best part? The moment they cave on issue of the wall, we own these bitches…for anything and everything.
Hear that sound? Yup, it’s draining.

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