Ana Padilla Jargstorf, Facebook, and the Tavistock Connection

Just a page where we are collecting information on Ana Padilla Jargstorf, the “wife” partner of Richard B. Allan. Who is Allan, you ask:

Globalist Richard B. Allan is Another Facebook Corporate Phony

Facebook and Tavistock – British Unholy Alliance Out to Destroy Humanity

Tavistock Controls Facebook Psyop

Lord Richard B. Allan’s “partner” and mother of two daughters.

ana padilla jargstorf.jpgShe’s a Tavistock creation. Evidence now pouring in. This is the woman that Allan will not talk about. He has disclosed nothing about her extensive Parliamentary background.

Dr. Ana Padilla Jargstorf (Allan). (Dec. 14, 2018). Biography. LinkedIn.


Tavistock Ana is the Facebook go between for Hillary’s template for winning elections!


Allan Clegg

John Frank David Allan is Little Baron Ricky’s father who attended the British East India Company’s creation: Haileybury College, the progenitor of all things Tavistock, including the science of pedophilia as a weapon and the use of pharma/digital/subliminal programming for mass mind control.


This heritage was buried by the Parliamentary archive’s misdirection that Little Ricky’s father was a lowly chauffeur without ever naming him.

John F. (Frank) D. Allan. (1939). Haileybury College, Ware R.D., Hertfordshire, England, DOB 01 Mar 1924, Male, Occupation: At School, Single, Schedule 2, Schedule Sub Number 158. 1939 Register.

These are the state records need to be in to make it easy for attorneys to use them in indictments.


On Jun, 26, 2009, Little Ricky joined Facebook while his live in Dr. Ana Padilla (“Tavistock Ana”) is advising parliament from the British Psychological Society (Tavistock)

European public policy

ana and tavistock

On Jul. 29, 2009, Blumenthal writes Hillary’s first speech on “eDiplomacy”

sidney blumenthal

On Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary secretly (illegally) contracts with Facebook to rig elections (no doubt using Tavistock research)

Leader v Facebook

Coincidence? Hardly. Little Ricky came over to prepare Facebook with Tavistock mind control algorithms and techniques. This is why Facebook executives will not let their child near Facebook.


And while we are looking at Tavistock and the monsters they create, take a look at these nuggets below.

Tavistock girls in training


The Tavistock Institute: Shaping the Decline of the USA


4 thoughts on “Ana Padilla Jargstorf, Facebook, and the Tavistock Connection”

  1. OMG Harry Potter author… Just imagine…. If this is true … Deep psych conditioning … Makes any normies question their own sanity and what is real.
    Less and less FB this past year.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all of you

  2. Hello, “HWAV”:
    I saw the video on youtube, & starting checking out the links listed there.
    The 1st one, a pdf about “Tavistock”, mentions ‘racism’ a number of times, in the foreword *alone*.
    Really, “race” does *NOT* exist!
    While I can accept the argument that “Tavistock” is a demonic organization working to destroy humanity, the book’s referring to ‘race’ as if it’s a ‘real thing’ is very surprising in these times, when “science” has proven that the old ideas about ‘race’ are clearly false & wrong.
    IMO, culture is far more important than ‘race’, because as long as different ‘races’ share the same culture they will be, generally speaking, in agreement about the so-called “important issues”.
    Personally, I really find ‘racism’ objectionable; nonetheless, I recognize the right to “free speech” even to the point of allowing so-called “hate speech”, so while I disagree w/ the ‘racism’ in the book, I also recognize the value in alerting people to the dangers poised by such demonic ideas & the value of revealing such organizations.
    Yet, I also have some really GOOD NEWS!
    The “KING” is coming, & soon all [surviving] humanity will be united w/ the “KING” & the Kingdom ruling the entire earth, under one global ‘government’; The Kingdom of God!
    We may see the beginning of this in the coming year, at least such is my sincere hope, & that you share this hope as well.
    Have a GREAT day, Neighbors!

    1. The Tavistock book was written decades ago when the word ‘racist’ hadn’t been weaponized by the Tavistock Institute to elicit such a fundamental response from a contemporary reader.

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