Stay-Behind Armies and Resistance Operations – Conclave Notes


The grandfather of the guy running Facebook Europe, Baron Richard Allan, was the chief assistant to Sir Ronald.

After the war, Little Ricky’s grandfather then started organizing progressive leftist political groups, including UNESCO and other globalist post-war groups. There’s MUCH more.

These guys all organized the groups that became Cambridge Analytica and the Science Communications Laboratory (SCL)—MIND CONTROL, BRAINWASHING, ELECTION RIGGING.

The FBI is directly associated with one of the groups they formed:

stay behind armiesstay behind armies 2

Sir Ronald Forbes Adam was little Baron Ricky’s grandfather, Frederick Leonard Allan’s, boss that ran the Tavistock Group that turned from military to civilian targets after WWII. Helped form the mind control techniques of the rogue C.I.A. in 1947.

Alice Victoria White. (2015). From the Science of Selection to Psychologising Civvy Street: The Tavistock Group, 1939-1948. University of Kent (UK) Academic Repository.

ronald forbes adam


Churchill and Tavistock War Office screening test batteries instituted by Adjutant General Ronald Forbes Adam, with the help of Baron Ricky’s grandfather Frederick Leonard Allan, who was his Deputy Assistant during most of the war.

FL Allan lived at 34 Cartwright Gardens, just a 4 minute walk from Tavistock House during the war, where the British War Office personnel hiring methodology was being pivoted to heavy focus on psychoanalysis and psychiatry to get inside recruit’s heads (WOSB – War Office Selection Boards) , then turned on the whole army and the public to “improve morale.”

The original mass Memes learned their effectiveness in changing public opinion, used now in social media in fake news. Post-War British and American advertising picked up on these psych-manipulation lessons in spades.

memes from WWII


More about Adjutant-General Ronald Forbes Adams (Frederick Leonard Allan’s boss (Baron Ricky’s grandpa) at the War Office). In fact, as Deputy Assistant, FL Allan would have been the primary staffer responsible to oversee Adams’ policies and orders. In short, he oversaw the transformation of Tavistock into weaponize psychiatry.

Created the War Office Selection Boards: (“Wozbees”)

Wittkower had been passed a copy of the selection methods used by the Wehrmacht, and so Vinden and Wittkower met with psychiatrists Thomas Ferguson RodgerA. T. M. Wilson and Ronald Hargreaves, and the head of Scottish CommandSir Andrew Thorne, who had been military attaché in Berlin in the 1930s and seen the German methods being used. The group made plans to experiment with and adapt these methods for use by the British Army. Army psychiatry was dominated by psychiatrists from the Tavistock Clinic, and so many figures from that organisation were involved in officer selection from the earliest experiments.[5]

Corp of BEF

adams later life

army bureau of current affairs

war office selection boardsbackground


Boom. Done. “[T]hey went on to form the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations after the war.”

Formed by Adams with Allan (Baron Ricky’s grandpa) as his Deputy Assistant

  • British Civil Service
  • OSS (The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was a wartime intelligence agency of the United States during World War II, and a predecessor of the modern Central Intelligence Agency (CIA))
  • Unilever
  • Commercial
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Etc.

In short, Baron Ricky’s grandpa helped reform the post war Tavistock Institute AND the C.I.A. No wonder he does not talk about his family. His current live-in partner has been the Tavistock liaison in Parliament for more than a decade!



Special Operations Executive (SOE)

British “Spooks-R-Us” is Little Baron Ricky’s family heritage. Now they have full control of Facebook (and Google, and YouTube, and Twitter, yada yada yada)

special operations executive



Note: “Oxbridge” is shorthand for Oxford and/or Cambridge Universities

subsidiary branches.JPGaimssoe 2production and trialssoe 3dissolution 1soe dissolution

OSS disbanded


Little Baron Ricky’s grandpa ran propaganda cover for these stay-behind networks after the war via Tavistock

Tavistock absorbed any war mind bending operation it found useful at the end of the war when the military versions were being disbanded. IT’s “research”
was then distributed into corporations, clandestine intelligence, fire, police.

Alice Victoria White. (2015). From the Science of Selection to Psychologising Civvy Street: The Tavistock Group, 1939-1948. University of Kent (UK) Academic Repository. (Note: Civvy Street is British for Main Street (US), or civilian population or general nonmilitary public)

stay behind structurepost war creation.JPGstay behind armies 3NATO CIAGerman stay behind armiessweden stay behind armiesstrategy of tensionNATO stay behind efforts


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