Taking a closer look at who controls the strings of the globalist puppets



children tavistock


Priorities map nicely across SERCO’s financial holdings (to a hammer, the whole world is a nail)



public sphere


Tavistock Ana, Baron Ricky’s baby mommy, guided UCL public policy to achieve this Tavistock development

univ college

ana padilla jargstorf

NHS Trust.

Tavistock psychsrockefeller.JPG

Rockefeller funded Tavistock Institute from organizational inception in 1946 (to the official incorporation 20 September 1947)

state medicaltavistock 2operation phoenixnorthfield experimentcivil resettlement.JPGtavistock 3therapeutic role.JPG

Teach Alexa, SUCKER. It’s learning.

tavistock 4operation phoenix 2

Destabilize culture. Remake it in Tavistock’s image.

sick familiesoperation phoenix 3

Give us your children, we’ll make them in our political image.

group dynamicstavistock 5rockefeller foundationutopian proposals.JPGindustrial psychologytavistock 6

tavistock 7

What does it mean that they are globalist puppets? Who is the master? Who holds the strings? What comprises these strings attached? Pay attention….more to come.



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  1. An eye opener. Would like more info about the “powers that be ” controlling world economy, education and environmental issues.

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