The ‘Good Ole Days’ DESTROYED by British Propaganda Wars

old town

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What happened, patriots?

If you have followed our research, you will know how the British invasion was one conducted by the Tavistock Institute to destroy America from its core. It was designed to destroy our families and culture. Continue your citizen education by reading these important findings so that you can wake up from a LIFETIME of being brainwashed.

Then, we need you to go out and educate and enlighten other people in your circle of influence.

Now that we know who the enemy is, we can defeat it.

Go to any of these sites and type ‘Tavistock’, ‘propaganda’, and ‘Privy Council’ to begin your journey of awakening from the deep sleep that these British weaponized psychiatrists have put us under in their 200-year plan to take over the world.

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2018: The Year Citizens Busted the Royals for Their Attempted Overthrow of Donald J. Trump



Dethrone the Queen and Shut Down Her Tavistock Surveillance and Propaganda Operations




2 thoughts on “The ‘Good Ole Days’ DESTROYED by British Propaganda Wars”

  1. So, where do we go from here in the land that made me, me?
    Much has changed that we can now see in the land that made me, me
    We used to go to the theater for moving pictures to see and libraries for books to read, now we carry these in our pockets to get the fix we need in the land that made me, me
    Once hiking, biking and climbing trees were the playgrounds that made me, me are now all virtual reality where you never skin a knee
    In the land that me made me we would put pen to paper and stamp to envelope and wait patiently for a reply from friends and families now all accomplished instantaneously with technology.
    In the land that made me, me the schools taught hands on abilities like homes eck, shop with recesses to release our child’s energy. Now they resemble prisons, minds poisoned with progressive ideologies, and pharmaceuticals to control those energies.
    So much has changed within the span of our generation that this story could be a novel. They say there are seasons for all things and all things pass hopefully this will too

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