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  1. So happy to hear, Love our fearless leader!

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    The huge central government of every major nation in the world would like to be immortal. It would like to exist for all time. It would like to justify its status and importance by continuing on into an indefinite future. It would like to become so powerful and persistent that no citizen even bothers to imagine an alternative.

    The current size of government in any big city in the world dwarfs the original 18th-century federal government in the United States. And this isn’t even considering the various partnerships modern governments enter into with giant corporations and banks.

    Modern governments help spawn synthetic archetypes, the most prominent of which is “good citizen.” A person tries to support and obey all the rules and edicts, while somehow working to improve government. The archetype exists because the most important element has been lost: PARTICIPATION.

    The Constitutional design of American government allowed for citizen participation. Certainly, city governments could withstand direct citizen participation.

    Now we have delusional participation. People believe they are making a contribution. But somehow, the reach and intrusion of government grows like a fungus. The overall solution to every problems seems to be: GET LARGER. Give birth to new bureaus and ministries and departments and rules and sub-rules. At this rate, it won’t be very long before 60-70% of the population works for, and draws a paycheck from, some office of the government.

    This is how modern government becomes The State. It doesn’t matter much who temporarily has control of key positions in government—sheer size and weight keep expanding. People’s very lives are looked at as functions of regulations.

    NOW you have, in what seems to be the blink of an eye (but is actually a long slow protracted blink), a sea of dissatisfied people. You have vegans and vegetarians and onanists and bicyclists and runners and health freedom activists and petty criminals and lawyers and poverty-stricken philosophers and disaffected religionists and artists and cyber-space addicts and a hundred other categories of people who, in their minds and hearts and souls, are thinking about REBELLION.

    They are cut off from the ruling force and wave of The State, and they are looking for an out.

    They are aware that the prevailing structure is far too complex and anti-human.

    This gathering phenomenon of rebels does not go unnoticed. Those with political power settle on a response: more of the same. More inhibiting rules, larger government. CONTROL. The natives are restless. They must be pacified. They must be entangled. And as a sop, they must be given more free gifts, in order to settle them down. Of course, those free gifts are paid for with tax money.

    Does all this sound like a winning formula for an immortal State?

    “Sir, believe me, I understand your objection. But the rule is the rule. You think standing on your head in the rain while whatever you have drops out of your pockets and is collected by our officer is senseless and unjust. Yes, I understand. And you believe that while standing on your head, being examined by one of our doctors, who is in touch with seven other physician specialists involved in your case, is an overwrought procedure. And you further believe that the dozens of ways in which we can identify you, by numbers, is intrusive and demeaning. Yes. But again, the rule is the rule. If everyone rejected rules they thought were unnecessary, the whole system would eventually collapse, and we would have sheer chaos. Is that what you want? I remind you: this phone call is being recorded, for training purposes…”

    THE INDIVIDUAL VS. THE STATE is more than a well-worn phrase.

    Just as organized religion believes it has an exclusive and proprietary pipeline to God—and therefore humans must enlist in its structure, The State actually believes it is granting citizens whatever rights exist—as if rights, such as freedom, only come into being as a result of The State.

    Remember the opening sentence of Orwell’s 1984? “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” The 13th strike signified the power of The State to rearrange reality in any arbitrary configuration. Its relentless push to impose control on its citizens, under the guise of “doing good,” had reached a point of psychosis.

    Highly regulated and organized psychosis, presented to the public as an illustration of rational mental health.

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