Dethrone the Queen Bitch

queen whore babylon -.jpg..

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EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents and Corporations that Control the World


Queen Elizabeth II and Privy Council Rig Elections Worldwide


royal pedos queen.jpg


The Brits say the Queen is their “beloved Mum.”

Patriots call her Scum. Raised two pedophile sons. Ordered Diana’s murder. Imprisons Julian Assange as her political prisoner. Commanded the Privy Council to overthrow Donald Trump. Gives fealty to the Knights of Malta – Jesuit Pope Francis. Fleeces all 54 members of the British Commonwealth.


Boris Johnson blasts Supreme Court ruling and says he WON’T quit as ‘unlawful’ parliament shutdown derails his Brexit plan


Dethrone the Queen and Shut Down Her Tavistock Surveillance and Propaganda Operations




Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of Trump


queen bitch.jpgThe QUEEN BITCH is holding Julian Assange as a political prisoner….like the kings and queens of yesterday did to their political enemies. Put them in the dungeon or the tower and let them rot.

Don’t let the old hag with a purse fool you. She is a nasty ruler who raises pedophiles and exploits the world through her evil Privy Council headed by Richard Dearlove and Geoffrey Pattie….with help state-side from Arvinder Sambei, Allison Saunders and Robert Mueller.

They’re Murdering My Son – Julian Assange’s Father Tells Of Pain And Anguish

Belmarsh prison in London is a Special Category A jail (the most severe of four grades of detention centers in the British penal system). It has been used previously to detain mass murderers and the most dangerous convicted terrorists. Julian Assange’s ongoing incarceration there under lockdown is preposterous. It is an outrage, and yet Western media show little or no concern to report on this gross violation of due process and human rights law.”


queen bitch.JPG


i am with betsy ross

It’s a PLANETARY CIVIL WAR. It is the Great Information War. It is globalists vs patriots.

Stand with Betsy!


Betsy Ross tshirt



3 thoughts on “Dethrone the Queen Bitch”

  1. Mark Samuel, Nurse Sex Offender Convicted
    On Sept 8,2005 RN:Mark Samuel was sentenced to five years in Jail with all but two years suspended,having been convicted in January 2004 of unlawful sexual contact with a 6 year-old girl . Mark Samuel counseled the girls mother. when the counseling ended , the three became friends attending family functions together. The violations occurred during sleepovers at the Nurses residence during the summer of 2003. Mark Samuel has been released from prison and is now at risk to the community of North Bay Ontario Mark Samuel employed 2007 for Assertive community treatment Team North Bay, ON
    Northeast Mental Health Center
    P.O. Box 3010 4700
    Highway 11 N
    North Bay, ON,CA


    1. Yes, we are aware of this. She runs around all over the planet killing the innocent and grabbing the resources of countries. The modern version of the British Imperial Facsit Empire comes from Cecil Rhodes and Henry deWorms Rothschild.


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