Crowdstrike Fear in the Globalists

Ronna ROMNEY McDaniels throws Joe and Hunter Biden under the bus for corruption before thinking about her own family’s corruption which is shocking. Her Uncle Mitt actually runs the rigged election machines along with her cousin Tagg Romney and globalist George Soros. One wonders what her real role is as the head of the GOP and why she hasn’t spoken up about her family’s election rigging business.

Ronna Romney opens a can of worms

Make sure you know the depth and breadth of the Romney family corruption. Click the headline to read the details:

Ronna Romney Stays Silent About Uncle Mitt’s Corruption

We were exposing Crowdstrike back in January 2017.

Trump Points to Crowdstrike Origins



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    At this point, the globalists seem to be a very confused lot… used to having their own way and prevented from breaking out of the tightening noose.

  2. A billion dollar loan guarantee. Perhaps I tend to overthink things. When dealing with the the Government of the USA Corporation, this latest episode reveals the extent of pay to play, or submit to our demands for benefits. From the mandates issued to receive federal aid to the ability to manipulate a foreign country’s policies, it seems clear this has turned into more or less bribery. I can innerstand not wanting to fund things contrary to policies of the lender or gifting party. However, having such monetary power unchecked, in the hands of nefarious politicians, the Sleepy Creepy Biden example is a prime example of this gone awry. Where does one draw the line, the politicians who lobby for certain products or corporations that directly or indirectly compensate the individual or group.

    I remember as a young lad when “Mr. Smith went to Washington” (clip linked below) how he appealed to the conscious of the Senate, to bring awareness to the deviousness of the body politic. Little did I know how truthful this portrayal of Government would turn out to be, nor the impact this film would have on me. I don’t have many answers to give, when appealing to a body without consciousness or morality and having only self interests in mind. Perhaps we have become Mr. Smiths in our own way. Exposing these high crimes and misdemeanors, appealing to the people to get involved, to recognize the the severity of the circumstances we now are in, where pay to play for self interest has become the norm. A Republic form of Government if “WE” can keep it. Eye believe I know who Mr. Franklin meant when he said “WE”. Perhaps he foresaw the time when this crisis would happen. Thanks for your time to read my thoughts.

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