Head of Burisma Indicted – Hunter Biden Named

UPDATE November 23, 2019. We did further research on these articles and have found that they are sophisticated propaganda coming from Reuters and Associated Press. We were punked, but now set the record straight. This is an important learning opportunity for AIM patriots everywhere. Bottom line – distrust EVERYTHING that comes from Reuters and AP.

We were punked by fake news, but set the record straight!


Below is our original post:

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Click the headline links to read the articles beneath:

MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

Leaked Ukrainian Indictment Claims $7.4 Billion Obama-Linked Laundering, Puts Biden Group Take At $16.5 Million

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday said he might force a vote to bring in 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son in as a witness to the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump.

Nunes Plans To Subpoena Whistleblower, Hunter Biden

Joe Biden’s son and his partners received $16.5 million from Burisma — Ukrainian MP

bnl news tweet.JPGbnl twitter suspended.JPGburisma tweet.JPGPropaganda NBC quickly came out with this:

As Sondland testified, a misleading Ukraine story spread among conservatives on social media

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Court Docs: DNA Test Confirms Hunter Biden as Father of Arkansas Baby

And look at another corrupt Ukraine son:

VIDEO: Pelosi’s Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims Forced Abortion, Abuse, Weaponizing CPS, Massive Fraud

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8 thoughts on “Head of Burisma Indicted – Hunter Biden Named”

  1. Grasping at straws.
    Just sitting here reflecting on the past 3 years, to where we are now. To us, the paying attention crowd, these criminals in charge seem to care not that we know how compromised and corrupted they truly are. Do they really believe we will let this go if somehow they are able to assume control again? Have they thought this through? No longer are we a small group of tin foil hat Conspiracy Theorists, though they still portray us as such. With all their surveillance tools they have to know that there are millions of us and more awakening daily as the lunacy continues to take center stage. People that I never though would awaken, are now questioning the narratives.
    The toothpaste is already out of the tube, to borrow that term, and no way can be put back in.
    At some point this will have to reach a crescendo, where the rubber meets the road. Even if they manage to subdue POTUS, what is their plan for the millions of deplorables? Many of these deplorables were wide awake before POTUS entered the stage, a last gasp of hope for resurrecting the republic, they rejoined the political battle. These criminals must realize we’re not going to go away quietly. It would be hard to imagine a scenario that would allow them to return to business as usual, short of destroying the republic and installing a dictatorship, eliminating the millions that would rebel.
    Frankly speaking, seeing these criminals grasp for anything, no matter how ridiculous to save their sorry a$$e$, their days are numbered, and short of a scorched earth scenario, the people are fed up and will demand Justice, and likely vengeance when all their crimes are exposed. I think the sooner they see the light, fess up, the more likely they will escape the gallows. Also I believe that soon there will be so many rats jumping ship looking for a life raft, they will be spilling their guts to avoid the consequences of their actions.
    What are your thoughts and predictions. As always thanks for your time.

    1. These criminals must not be given any slack or deals. They must be indicted and convicted with vigor then emprisoned or hung for treason against our Republic. Anything short of that and they will do it again ! Insurrection by the media is also punishable under or Constitution and legal system. The Democrats are making a mockery of our Constitution and legal justice system.
      There must be consequences for their actions !

  2. The orchestra always plays as the ship goes down …..these Rats … they have everything to lose and nothing to gain …. they won’t spill their guts but does not mean they won’t get their guts spilt lol

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