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5G alters the DNA future of all living species

AIM Patriot Jean Paul writes:

Betsy and Thomas, you spoke today about 5G and the president’s apparent disregard or lack of knowledge about the existential threat that it poses to all life.

Our EMF exposure is about 7.2 million times too high (according to Dr Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University).

May I recommend a paper to send to the president if it were possible to do so or even to publish via your pages or mention in your broadcasts (which we are sure he hears about)?

The summary alone will grip you but his 90-page document is probably the best summary of the currently available science on EMFs, backed with a very strong argument describing the mechanisms of harm, biophysics, and why 5G is a very bad idea.

Link: 15G: Great risk for EU,U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposuresand the Mechanism thatCauses Them

Thank you for your time.

To readers:

5G alters the DNA future of all living species (This is the video that Jean Paul is referring to)

Italy Blows the Lid Off Vaccine Scam. Will No Longer Poison Citizens with Globalist Eugenics.

giulia grillo.JPGItalian leaders actually care about the health and well-being of their citizens, Congratulations, Giulia Grillo, for standing up against the globalist agenda of maiming and destroying human life.


More insight from Jim Stone:

“Italy sacked it’s vaccine scammers, and put in their place 100 percent new people who are not part of the global conspiracy to destroy people with vaccines, and then subsequently and practically immediately discovered that the vaccines have absolutely nothing they are advertised for, which begs the question: What the hell is really in those shots?

Vaccine advocacy group Corvelva, which is not compromised, spearheaded Italy’s investigation into the vaccine scam.

The Eugenicists are up in arms over Corvelva, a vaccine advocacy group appointed by the Italian government to investigate the vaccines which has now received over $50, 000 in funding to test all the vaccines and see if they are scams. And more, the Eugenicists are upset about WHERE the funding is coming from – top Italian medical science teams are funding Corvelva’s efforts, unlike what this Sott article implies in it’s headline and subsequently tries to state by claiming “scientists” are questioning the Italian government’s actions that the Italian government is off it’s rocker. That’s not what the headline should be. Here is what the headline should be:

FIVE NWO approved science scammers are protesting a vaccine safety investigation being conducted by Italy’s real top scientists who are rapidly and easily uncovering the truth about what the current childhood vaccines really are, and that they are not vaccines at all, they are something else entirely.

As it turns out, all it takes to find out what is really in the vaccines is to break rank, seize a sample of what is being injected into the children, put it in a real lab that is not compromised by kikes, and VOILA!!! suddenly it is known that the vaccines are not at all what they are claimed to be. You can’t do that in the United States. No parent is allowed to walk out the door with a shot that has not been injected into their kids, take it to a lab, and test it. This is NOT ALLOWED. WHY? Italy just got the answer.

The MSM is holding this topic by the gills at arm’s length like a diseased fish because of what Corvelva has found – that the vaccines really don’t have anything they are advertised for and are instead full on scams.

You can’t find a legitimate MSM report on this topic. Instead, the reports are all slander, calling Italians stupid, backwards, “conspiratorial”, against “established science” and anything else they can muster, and they HAVE TO because the vaccine eugenics programs are one of their greatest treasures, with carefully placed totally compromised despicable hateful and soulless people in all key positions to keep a lid on the scam and allow the destruction of our children proceed without a hitch.

Italy just blew the lid off the vaccine scam, and this one is not going away folks, Italy is NOT ZIMBABWE, they are clearly a first world country that can speak with authority. So the MSM is now trying to slander Italy because Italy uncovered one of kikedom’s NWO eugenics plots.

As if we did not all know the vaccines were wrecking our kids all along, – Gee, one in 35 kids now gets autism and “nobody can figure out why??” They know damn well at Newsweek, Sott and more. The entire shadow government KNOWS IT and now that Italy broke free of their grasp they are trying to bury it. Instead, they ought to just put a fork in it. THANKS ITALY for finally putting it in print from an official level. We knew it all along, but it is nice to get real confirmation from the top ranks of a first world government.”

Vaccinegate: Priorix Tetra analysis – 2nd step update

Read Corvelva report:

Vaccinegate: Priorix Tetra analysis – 2nd step update

And now we know who is behind the vaccine agenda:

Coronavirus, QinetiQ, and the Rothschild Bombshell

Cold Case Reopened: Shows Virus Origins

Q is for the Queen’s Qinetiq

Protect your family from 5G wireless

This collection of video and suggested resources was so good, we wanted to give it a placement on our site for easy access and sharing opportunities – Wireless Warfare Exposed. Includes ways to protect your family.

These are the recommended websites discussed in the video.

LONG LIST of studies with RF effects on biology along with the exact frequency type and power of each RF signal used as well as who performed the studies here:

Reported Health Effects From Non-Ionizing RF Radiation

Where you can get RF meters to check your own microwave/RF/EMF levels at home:

3-Axis RF meter

belly protectionWhere to get Shielding Bedding to block RF: (also paint, curtains, fabrics, phone cases).

Gear to Protect Mama and Baby from RF Belly Band (Baby Protection)

Belly Blanket Collection

Maternity Apparel Collection

Router with EXTERNAL WiFi “OFF” button: N600 Netgear Dual Band Router WNDR3400v3

To learn more about EMFs and 5G, see our post:

How to Antidote EMFs and 5G



Dangers of 5G Wireless

The Globalists Have Weaponized Food Against Patriots

A4T Peter from Australia sends in this documentary (below) on the U.S farm industry. In light of the tweets POTUS pushed out before the G-7 2018 meeting on the unfair trade practices and farmers, this documentary can provide patriots – not just in the U.S., but around the world – with the real backstory of today’s Big Ag industry.


TT Trade deals

TT dairy farmers

TT dairy farmers and trade



farmer“This documentary unveils some of the sombre practices underpinning the American food industry, exploring how corporations place profits before consumer health, worker safety and the environment. This documentary argues that industrial production methods are not only inhumane, but they are also unsustainable from an economic and environmental standpoint.

Filmmaker Robert Kenner visits farms and slaughterhouses and witnesses first-hand the disturbing conditions that prevail, such as chickens being grown so fast that they are unable walk properly, cows eating feed laced with chemicals, and workers risking their own safety to ensure that these products are made cheaply for the market. He also interviews various players in the industry including CEOs, advocates, authors and lobbyists.”

This is why the Gabriels created the ASCEND diet for patriots. The globalists not only want to obliterate your country’s borders, they also want to create a war in your bloodstream. Nothing is off limits to them in their fight to take over the entire world. They are actively destroying your languages, cultures, bodies, thinking capacities, families, children, and religions.

After you watch the documentary, you may be ready to take pro-active measures for your and your family’s health.

Since it may take some time to reverse the damage that has been done to our agriculture and health industries from the evil that is already in place, we recommend 3 easy steps you can take today.

  1. Get started with the ASCEND program and implement the protocols that resonate with you. The first lesson is easy to implement and can bring you positive health results – almost immediately.
  2. Take enzymes with your foods. (Tyla, who is a naturopathic doctor, created this formula for her family and friends.)
  3. Make and use your own silver colloidal silver water with this super easy recipe.