Facebook and Tavistock – The British Unholy Alliance Out to Destroy Humanity

The unholy alliance busted

Michael McKibben and his researchers at Americans for Innovation expose the dangerous alliance of the Tavistock Institute and Facebook and what this means for humanity.

Globalist Richard B. Allan is Another Facebook Corporate Phony

Click to access 2018-11-30-Richard-Beecroft-Allan-Biography-Timeline-compiled-Nov-30-2018.pdf

WAYMO driverless trucks and cars usher in age of digital tyranny

Who is Richard C. Walker? If you are a genealogist, we could use your help. Contact us with your research at AIM@Leader.com.

On the hunt for Richard C. Walker




5 thoughts on “Facebook and Tavistock – The British Unholy Alliance Out to Destroy Humanity”

  1. I contacted the White House through the link you provided regarding SES (Globalists) asked the President to stop appointments of any more SES to the court. BTW: I had a vision of thousands of marchers all wearing clerical collars and ordained in the Church of America First, silent carrying 4 signs per 100 marchers, with a Big banner with the main message being held up in the front. When confronted and or attacked by police, the ones holding signs sit down while holding up their individual signs, the many many others bow down in prayer, the ones holding the main banner, hold the banner in front of them and sit down. No anger shown by marchers, no violence shown….just love peace and light,

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