Corbett PROPAGANDA Report Busted

Corbett Report Busted as Propaganda for Silicon Valley


Materials that are referenced in this audio include:

The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

Terrifying Footage Shows Thousands of Religious Minorities Held in Chinese ‘Thought Transformation’ Camps: ‘I Love the Communist Party’

Where is McKibben’s Invitation to Social Media Summit at White House?

Learn about the encryption keys that Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller hold over all humanity…Evil Incarnate!

Robert Mueller Muscling Hillary Clinton for Encryption Keys

Hillary Clinton Controls 50,000 FBI Encryption Keys – Proves Mueller’s Witch Hunt is Treasonous

6 thoughts on “Corbett PROPAGANDA Report Busted”

    1. Seems that this video is no longer available – I even emailed Betsy at Aim 4 Truth. I would love to see it if you have a link.

  1. I think your being a little hard on James his work is still eye opening and I’ve found his recent work on Bill Gates very informative.

    1. Time and time again his reports are half truths. He is a slick propagandist who shills for the Pilgrim Society players who do not want full disclosure. That …or he is a poor researcher.

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