Fox News and Twitter Push Shooting Hoax



The patriot that submitted this video writes: “This proves the deep state is doing the shootings. In the video a FOX news announcer for a local station in the city a third shooting was supposed to happen in on Saturday (at another WalMart) announces the next shooting by accident, BEFORE IT HAPPENED, and she checks her twitter and re-checks, looks a little confused, and then says “that hasn’t happened yet”.”

The poster continues to write, “this proves Twitter is in on the shootings, Fox News is in on the shootings, Wal Mart is in on the shootings – they HAVE TO be a huge open joke among those who are “privileged”, there’s no way Twitter missed the fact that these people were using their platform to announce and plan the next shooting and there’s no way Wal Mart had this happen at two of their stores by accident, and there’s NO WAY FOX HAD THE REPORT AHEAD OF TIME WITHOUT BEING DIRECTLY INVOLVED, BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED.”

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Nancy Morgan Hart responds to the pictures below which are circulating the internet. She points out the confusion with Connor Betts in this video: I Can’t Believe I Have to Do This

After reviewing the pictures and listening to Nancy’s video, we will let you decide. Keep in mind that one of the criteria to run a good false flag is to confuse the narrative, the actors, the staging.

Using this image below, it is claimed that the Ohio shooter died in 2014.


Below you see how folks are claiming a match for the Ohio shooter.


2 thoughts on “Fox News and Twitter Push Shooting Hoax”

  1. Hello I’ve been following you guys ever since I decided it was my responsibility to this planet to find out what is going on.  It has taken everything I have and the burden of knowing the truth as hard and sometimes incomprehensible  as it has been I have shared the pain with the creatures of this earth.  I have recently studied the NASA 2025 project and this is absolutely terrifying.  There are videos of people from years ago trying to warn of this in vain.  I would have loved to believe in the red side but all is one.  I don’t just follow political but also studying the earth and the world. Again all it one.  I’m sure you all know about the underground tunnels and cities. That the quakes and weather completely manipulated.  The chemtrails kill carbon dioxide, the ocean is dead. All the trees in my forest are dead. All over the world the forests are on fire,  Alaska,  Greenland, Antarctica melted or burning. Without the ocean and trees there is no air.  The one world train is through the berring sea to Russia and china.  This morning as always it is silent,  the birds,  the frogs all gone. A thick layer of black smog covers the farm. There is the faint white glow of a sun that is not the sun I knew as a child coming above the trees. The other thing that is odd today is the amount of trains.  I have lived here for 20 years and there has always been a sort of schedule. I cannot see them but them are right behind the trees.  Since about 4am there have been a constant number of them.  Not more than 5min the next is going by. Here at 7am still nonstop.  I can tell they are very heavy by the sound.  We all know something is about to happen.  The fema camps are equipped with gaschambers and the Walmart’s many have turned into fema prisons. Today starts the Fema practice??  I have seen the videos from these places with mountains of black plastic coffins.   Read the NASAdoc if you haven’t already.  I should have started there this journey would have been more clear.  I want to thank you for your spirit. Listening to you guys made it easier. Clear and consistent …. God bless you …  NASA future-strategic-issues-future-warfare-circa-2025

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