Our Human History

For those of you sick and tired of the Pilgrims Society force feeding fake history in public school and university indoctrination centers through their revisionist history books, you might want to save this history timeline for yourself and your family. We put it in a convenient PDF form so that you could save a copy off line.

This is a great tool for homeschool children, as well as awaking citizens, to see a timeline of our planet. We do not agree with all of the entries. For example, we do not support the Big Bang theory. There are also many additions that could be made to the timeline. However, it makes a great starting place for those interested in reviewing human history and building upon it.

Make it a family project to add to it or modify it. Then pass your treasure down through the family so that each of your generations can know the truth of our human history.

human history.JPG

Joël van der Reijden. (Last updated Nov. 04, 2017). WORLD HISTORY IN TIMELINES: The Basics of Human History Every Person Should Know.


One thought on “Our Human History”

  1. Joël van der Reijden is clueless regarding the most important aspects of the development of our universe, let alone all of the life forms associated therewith.

    His cookie cutter presentation leaves out the most important factors related to ultra-intelligent ancient civilizations that inhabited this planet millions of years ago and the part they played in our genetic evolution.

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