Comey-Iran-China – All Roads Lead to London

Betsy and Thomas walk you through the current events of the corrupt FBI DOJ, Iran, and China…and show you that all roads lead to the British Monarch – the Evil Empire of Planet Earth.

Comey-Iran-China – All Roads Lead to London

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      Queen Elizabeth dead? The code word for such a situation is “London Bridge”, and per a BBC reporter on the Internet, speculation is rampant that a “Bridge” event is about to occur, the Queen or some other royal.

      The Queen appears in perfect health, but her consort Philip looks ghastly at 96 years of age, with sunken black eyes. Then there is Prince Andrew, accused of hanging out with Epstein and shamed in the news.

      But one solid insider, the Dark Judge, asserted in mid-July that the Queen had been given an execution date, and 30 days later had been executed. The real Queen joked with President Trump on June 3 but a double was used on August 23 in Scotland.

      Operation London Bridge
      Operation London Bridge has been a codename that referred to the plan for what will happen in the days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Foreign Office’s Global Response Centre, based at a secret location in London, will communicate the news to the governments of the fifteen other countries of which the Queen was head of state (the Commonwealth realms), and to the governments of the other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

      The Queen Gathers her Family Together at Balmoral for their Scottish Summer Break
      August 23, 2019
      The Queen, wearing a tartan kilt, woolen jumper and dark green sleeveless coat, was seen getting into her own vehicle to drive around the estate.

      Full Video: Trump, Queen Elizabeth II Exchange Toasts at State Dinner
      June 3, 2019
      Mr President, I am delighted to welcome you and Mrs. Trump to Buckingham Palace this evening, just 12 months after our first meeting at Windsor.

      ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2019: Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to be executed by the military Tribunals which are taking place in the US .the UK.
      These Tribunals confiscated the Queen’s illicit funds in December of 2016, as noted in Nancy’s Newsletter.

      As noted by an insider, her death sentence for numerous crimes was issued July 13, and 30 days later enforced.

      What crimes has the Queen, personally, been guilty of? The Queen had Diana killed because Diana had learned of the Epstein blackmail scheme – Netanyahu and his Khazarian banking empire at the helm. The Queen, as part of the Nazi bloodline, the Illuminati control, was fully involved, and this included child sacrifice, which she condoned.

      Queen Elizabeth was confident that due to her high position, and very public presence, that she would be spared and allowed to live out her life in luxury.

      But military Tribunals rise above political posturing or the power any royalty might assume. Tribunal executions are in full swing, and to send a strong message to those who were formerly blackmailed into cooperation with Satan worshipers, the very top leadership is demonstrably executed. The double being trotted out as the Queen has many flaws, so is obvious.

      Now what. There are well established steps to be taken when the Queen dies, so a public announcement is not first on the list. Commonwealth nations are first to be informed.
      Prince Phillip and Prince Charles, the eldest son, are unlikely to take charge due to age so will abdicate. Prince Andrew is embroiled in scandal.

      William and Kate hope to be chosen to “rule”. How long the truth is withheld from the public will depend on how quickly an excuse for the Queen’s death can be concocted.

      As with most cases where there is a vested interest in the status quo, the Queen’s death is likely to be withheld from the public for a long time, perhaps even beyond the time of the coming Pole Shift when royalty no longer matters.

      Clearly the public is to be fooled. Just 3 days after first seen in Scotland, by August 26 the double was being presented as the Queen, “Pretty in Pink” and available for photos. Few were fooled, but the ruse will go on. Meanwhile, the new “Queen” is being very cooperative with Boris and the UK Junta in charge.

  1. Please Consider


    Rothschild owns the trinity of evil .

    Rothschild pulls the puppet strings from behind the veil . incl SERCO!

    view video of Netanyahu .

    1. One and the same. We don’t need to be (((obvious))) as it is obvious to all and keeps us from being censored for busting their Jew cover to protect the British Evil Empire — which are largely (((bankers and brokers)))

      1. Greetings fellow “wanderer” . you may know . “we” wanderers . are “system busters” .

        Be aware . that we were part of the “Pioneer” group . who appeared in the “dark” time around WWII .

        This soul group . first appeared on Earth-Terra in Lemuria . about 525,000 years ago. where we “seeded humanity”!.

        Later in Atlantis . introduced the “Law of One”. opposed then, as now, by the followers of belail-lucifer . who originated from Hoova! the home

        planet of the Hebrew race . the destroyers . of civilizations!

        A long story short . aeons of time and empires elapsed . then as an Essene . walked with Beloved Christ Jesus . the system buster supreme! .

        In the current incarnation (Vienna 1946) . this soul is under “cover” as a current denizen of ancient Gondwanaland (part of ancient Lemuria) .

        the Commander in Chief of the INDIVISIBLE ONE! . PS: also a follower of the philosophy of wanderer . Rudolph Steiner.

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