United States Patent Office is a Criminal Racket

Forget the Chinese…Biggest thief of American patents is the United States Government! U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rips off thousands of hard working inventors and their shareholders.

No American invention is protected by the USPTO which is a government operation that steals patents and trade secrets for the British QinetiQ.

U.S. government steals patents from inventors.

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6 thoughts on “United States Patent Office is a Criminal Racket”

  1. I’m wondering. POTUS made a comment in LasVegas the other day that he really had little idea of the specifics of his itinerary. That tells me he has a person or persons that is providing these things for him. What if this person or persons were not bringing these evidences to his attention. Or is there an SES censorer in his information pipeline?
    Honestly how could he not move on these evidences if he were aware of them.

    You know how brilliantly evil these Pilgrim puppets are, All these politicians have assistants likely quite a staff. There must be a way to get around them and get him this info. I mean he acts clueless on what you’ve been sending him.

    Personal Assistants like these maybe?

      1. Prague. A few lifetimes ago. A bunch of us were together and saw this evil and pondered how we would take it down. We knew it would take several incarnations and that at the critical time we would all need to meet up. We only had consciousness to guide us to our connections. As we have re-connected over the last few years,we find that Regulus is a prominent aspect in our charts. FYI Trump has this aspect. Each of us has a very important role. You, too, Ron. This is the biggest war against our planet ever. We need all highly conscious patriots to join us.

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