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AIM Patriot Dan writes:

It seems that Yahoo is censoring my forwarded mail. They won’t let me share your page with my friends. Is there another way I can get your message out?

Our reply: Dan, is it time to leave the outdated Big Brother platform called Yahoo? AOL is also a problem. These platforms do not permit free speech and yours is being curtailed. But what do you expect when you want your email for free? They have to sell something to make money – so they read and scan your emails and harvest your personal data and sell to advertisers and others.

We are able to provide AIM Patriots with private, secure email boxes through Leader Technologies, but it will cost $10 a month. Right now we do it for folks upon request. We have to be paid the old fashioned way – a check through the mail. Eventually we will streamline this process to make it easier to sign up and pay, but for now, early adopters follow these instructions:

Send a check to Leader Technologies for $120 for the annual fee plus a one-time set-up fee of $50. Leader will not read your emails or harvest your personal data. You know how patriot Michael McKibben feels about privacy on the internet!

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It’s a two-fer. You get the privacy you deserve. Plus the added bonus of helping out a great patriot Michael McKibben! Be a LEADER!

Anytime you communicate with another person holding a Leader email account, the correspondence does not leave the internal system so this provides you with even better privacy. If two or more of you are on the Leader Private Email system, all of your emails between you stay on the leader server and do not enter the Internet.

Make sure to share this info with friends and family who are looking for this security.  If you have questions, please contact

We think this is a great way to give Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies financial support for the marvelous research they are doing, while providing you with a better email platform. What a great gift to give (birthday, holidays, special occasion) for patriots concerned about internet privacy.

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Be the Patriot LEADER that you are and get your whole team on the LEADER board!


On April 9, 2019 AIM Patriot Connie wrote with this question: “I have about 10 years of wonderful letters..and emails in Yahoo.”

Our Reply: Of course you don’t have to give up your Yahoo account, Connie. You can keep those treasured letters in your Yahoo account for as long as Yahoo is around.Then open a second box at and over time your friends will catch on — just like moving from a physical location and address. People will move with you.

But if you want to transfer them, Mike says that you might check to see if Yahoo has a backup/archive feature that will prepare some sort of archive zip file with your messages in *.eml format. That is a universal archiving format. You needs to first download that archive to your computer.

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8 thoughts on “Get your FREE SPEECH Email Address”

  1. I am a 2 and a half year discriber of your entlightening videos and miss you 3 eminent figurs in the media! What’s happend… your still healthy? Of it’s someting else ….?
    My warm regards from Amsterdam.

  2. Dear Michael:

    Great idea that needs to spread fast. But honestly, at that price, I couldn’t sign up. There are so many competing claims on our expenses, sorry! However, you need volume. I would like to get all my friends and family on your system and away from Google and all the other privacy violating systems. Around $20 per year would be good, and group rates even better. Gmail, Hotmail, etc. were free to begin with and got all the volume and that is sticky. Business would be well served to sign up, as current providers can’t be relied upon to keep business communications secure, what with the failure of Blackberry and the sieve that is Zoom. Commercially, of course, things could be on another scale of fees. Still, the important thing at this point is to spread your service to as many individuals as possible. If you can make this work, you may be on to a good business. And you will be solving a big problem for most users. People need to trust.

    And yes, credit card payments, even PayPal, would help.

    1. Offer this to Briteon’s Mike Adams if you can secure the servers.If tgeyre easily hacked,it’s pointless.I know he uses Protonmail as hes touted it.Tutanote is supposed to be secure.I would also like to sign up.If others atent using it,does it really make sense?Thanks for what you do.Haarp/scalar Tesla howitzer on Miami building or controlled demo?Note the address as its a master number.

  3. Why in the world can’t they process a credit card or a debit card? This is a “tech” company that’s going to save the world? I don’t think so.

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