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Kamala Harris not Eligible to be President

Kamala Harris is an anchor baby PROOF


kamala harris birth certificate

Unless proven with court documents, at the time of Kamala’s birth, her parents were not U.S. citizens. They were foreign students. At the time of her birth, she was the daughter of non-citizens. This makes her an anchor baby. She is not eligible to hold the office of president.

Where are her papers to prove CITIZENSHIP. And this time citizens are not going to let corrupt JOHN ROBERTS pull a fast one and claim that she is eligible for the presidency like he did with Indonesian Barry Soetoro. Demand that Kamala show documentary evidence of her citizenship and those of her parents.

Why is Hillary still walking around?

Why is Hillary still walking around?

Start doing your part as a citizen and reveal the crimes of the swamp yourself.

The Americans for Innovation website is a treasure trove of indictable evidence for patriot researchers. Tyla Gabriel and Michael McKibben walk you through a brief video to show you how to access thousands of files of indictable evidence on the creatures from the D.C. swamp and around the world. Then try it yourself and see what you can find. Start your own Youtube channel to share your discoveries based on REAL evidence, not conspiracy theories.

Make sure to try it yourself. It’s so easy!

Make sure your Congresspeople, elected officials, and the White House know how to use this site…and don’t forget Bill Bar.  They all need to know what citizens know…at the very least.

Patriots help POTUS clean the swamp

Katherine Adams is Hillary’s Inside Girl at Apple Inc.

Apple’s General Counsel Katherine Adams came from Honeywell, a Clinton Foundation donor. She was also a partner at Sidley Austin LLP who represented Hillary Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal.

Katherine Adams


getty image

Getty Clinton Foundation Donations:

getty 2katherine adams 2sidley ashley


Rep. Matt Gaetz Demands that Clinton, Comey And Clapper Be Held Accountable For Lying

Did you know that it is legal to lie in Congress?

Just read the article under the headline below to be totally and completely disgusted in how Congress gets away with lying to the American people…and has done so since 1996.

It is Legal to Lie to Congress

Thanks to Representative Matt Gaetz who has penned the “Justice For All Act”. Learn what Matt is proposing and then get behind this AIM patriot to get this important bill passed.

Contact your congressperson and let them know you are sick and tired of the lying!

Clinton, Comey And Clapper Could Be Held Accountable For Lying, Thanks To The “Justice For All Act”


Contact your Congressperson!

information warriors educate congress

Nazi Human Medical Experiments in America

Nazi Human Medical Experiments in America

Christopher Strunk joins Douglas Gabriel to explain to our AIM truth community what is really going on with New York state’s infanticide law. Turns out the state is running Nazi-type human experimentation. As a young man Christopher assisted his architect father in building many of these psychiatric hospitals. Now Christopher goes on the record what he saw happening behind the public’s eye.


For those who enjoyed listening to Chris’ presentation, you may enjoy other discussions we have had with Chris.

Christopher Strunk outs Kirstjen Nielsen

Pelosi’s Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State

Betsy and Thomas explain the hidden meaning behind the lapel pin Nancy Pelosi was wearing during the State of the Union. Then Thomas explains why the Democrats want to murder our babies. Make sure to watch the screen shots for discreet messages to viewers.

Feel free to use the images and memes embedded in the video and below to educate and enlighten your circle of influence.

Pelosi’s Lapel Pin Tells Hidden Message to Deep State

The legal to lie memes can be found here:

It is Legal to Lie to Congress


coming after our babies


Assange proof of life 2


ruth missing in action

.ruth proof of life


Bring Out your Dead


where is ruth 8


.where is ruth 4


.where is ruth 6

ruth in glass


where is ruth 10


proof of life ginsberg


demand proof of life ginsberg


proof that ginsberg is alive


GInsberg toad


Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Dead


Where in the world is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?


ALERT: Judge Amy Berman Jackson hides massive Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest inside her mutual funds

berman amy

berman amy 2.JPG

Read FULL report here and then pass it around your network. Keep the patriot forces informed and up-to-date with cutting information weapons in the Great Information War.


Who is this judge and why does it matter?

Mueller Selected Judge – Amy Berman Jackson – Keeps Manafort in Solitary Confinement Threatens Gag Order on Roger Stone!


Feb. 04, 2019—Judge Amy Berman Jackson has been assigned to most, if not all, of the Mueller prosecutions. Canon 2 of the Code of Judicial Conduct requires judges to recuse if their involvement raises even the appearance of impropriety.

Jackson has layers of conflicts of interest in violation of multiple Canons in matters related to Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton:

  1. Judge Amy Berman Jackson has permitted her long-time former law partners from Trout Cacheris LLP, Robert Trout and Gloria B. Solomon, to represent parties in the Mueller matters. The appearance of impropriety and conspiracy with Mueller’s political agenda is evident.
  2. Judge Amy Berman Jackson holds direct financial interests in at least two institutions who are notoriously-known donors to The Clinton Foundation (four Fidelity funds and two Capital one funds). This is actual impropriety requiring recusal.
  3. Judge Amy Berman Jackson concealed about 85 holdings in corporate stocks in 2009 by shifting them into 44 mutual funds that hold those (and more Clintonistas) stocks in 2012. While she may have relied upon the highly dubious “safe harbor” “concept” (it is not a rule, policy or procedure, and certainly is  not law since Mar. 14, 2001—yet the judicial community enthusiastically embraces it as gospel—it is described merely as a “concept”) to conceal secret holdings of corporate stocks behind a paper thin mutual fund veil, once those stock holdings are discovered, she has an ethical duty to account for this appearance of impropriety surrounding her concealment. She has been silent.
  4. Much worse is the fact that approximately 43% of the corporate stock holdings of the “top ten” largest stocks in the portfolios of her 2012 mutual funds are notoriously known donors to The Clinton Foundation and its 35 related entities.

From a strictly financial view, Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s 44 institutional holdings (2012) are “friends of Hillary and Bill Clinton” with an obvious interest in Mueller Special Counsel outcomes that are favorable to Hillary—and therefore to Hillary’s Clinton Foundation donors in whom Jackson is invested.

From an ethical and moral point of view, Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s ethical duties are crystal clear. She must recuse herself immediately, along with Mueller’s equally conflicted special prosecutor, Jeannie S. Rhee.

RIGGED JUSTICE: Mueller, the prosecutor, should not be allowed to pick the judges over his cases, as he has done by picking Judge Amy B. Jackson!

A judge and prosecutor must be assigned who are without biases. Only then can the defendants have any hope of a fair proceeding.

The Code of Conduct for Federal Judges is meaningless if Judge Amy Berman Jackson—with such egregious Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest—does not recuse herself immediately.

Full Judge Amy B. Jackson financial analysis (2012).

Exposing the British Operative on the Mueller SC Team – Arvinder Sambei

Recently we posted this:

Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump Overthrow Attempt

where we pointed your attention to Arvinder Sambei who is a British operative on the Mueller special council team.

Arvinder Sambei 1.JPG

We also posted this article from Disobedient Media to highlight Sambei and other compromised prosecutors on the Mueller team:

Death Of Russiagate: Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud’s Network


Now we start digging into who Sambei is “under the hood” and why she is involved in the Trump Russia collusion investigation. Our amazing researcher AIM Patriot Susan (UK) just sent us in some info that we will be going through in the next few days; however, there are white hats outside of our Conclave that need this raw material to begin their own investigations into the corrupt Special Council operations.

To get started, check out this report prepared by Sambei in 2012.

Arvinder Sembei 2.JPG

The Deployment of Special Investigative Means



Below we will keep a running list of links and information as we uncover the. If you are a researcher or media creator, please check back for incoming intel.

and the commonwealth…..

This is the company she is keeping

International Bar Association

Other than that she has kept a pretty low profile in the UK.