Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections

George Soros and Mark Malloch-Brown Use Digital Technology to Rig Election Machines

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4 thoughts on “Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections”

  1. Could Lord Molloch and his agents look like humans, but really are psychopathic, controlled, reptilian/human hybrids as described in Chap 6 or David Icke’s latest book, Everything You Need To Know?

  2. Dear God; They Caught Them ALL! Putin Gives Trump 160 Terabytes of Communication Intercepts; ALL people behind fake ‘Russia Collusion’ – False Flag Chemical Attacks in Syria, Sabotage of Brexit, Nefarious Clinton activities & More

    Twitter, Facebook And Google Go Before Congress And Spout Utter Lies, Disinformation and Misdirection About Their Overt Political Manipulations, Bias and Defamation Attacks On Opposition Groups

    In a hearing today in Congress, surrounded by snooty little minions, the mouth-pieces of Silicon Valley’s left-wing social media manipulators sought to deflect examination of their election rigging and their news manipulations.

    While seeking to use the term “terrorist” at every opportunity, Google, Facebook and Twitter made it overtly clear that they are cult-like followers of the echo-chamber of liberalism.

    Denials and further obfuscations about their overt manipulations of election information and news bias will no longer serve the Silicon Valley Paypal Cartel. “Professional liars” Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy management, Juniper Downs, YouTube’s head of public policy and government relations, and Nick Pickles, Twitter’s senior strategist on public policy attended and sought to deflect government action.

    The contrived defamation attacks of Facebook, Google and Twittter are now obvious to all.

    All three of the tech companies executives discussed why they ‘weren’t responsible’ for all of the harmful content posted on their platforms. Goodlatte said property owners have an obligation to make sure their grounds are safe, while clubs have a legal obligation to make sure drugs aren’t being sold. He wanted to know why Facebook, Twitter and Google were exempt from legal action if their social networks fostered an unsafe environment. Goodlatte wasn’t the only lawmaker with those concerns, as Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican from California, also asked why social networks weren’t held accountable legally for what its users publish.

    In one case, it has been shown that Google worked with the attack tabloids of Gawker, Gizmodo and Jalopnik Media to lock political and competitor attack articles on the top results lines, of the first page, of all Google results for over a decade, without any shift in results position. This is only done by Google against business and political competitors. Defamation attacks like this provide scientific, server-data proof that Google manually attacks those that it considers to be a competitor or an ideological adversary. Google’s, Facebook’s and Twitters media monopolies cause billions of dollars of damages to those that they attack because they place such false information in the minds of billions of people for decades. Google’s vast legal armies then blockade any attempts, by victims, to seek damages for such attacks.

    Congress now has some mighty weapons in it’s hand for the exposure of the Silicon Deep State; with more evidence on the way from victims of their abuse.

    Hard evidence includes: Ex-employee testimony; details from the James Damore, and other, lawsuits; a slew of evidence videos (ie: https://www.real.video/channel/tuffnews1 ); reports by the editor of Psychology Today: Dr. Robert Epstein; Russian FSB analysis documents, university research documents, forensic analysis, internal leaked emails and texts from top Google, Twitter and Facebook executives and VC’s; ICIJ leaked financial records, and more.

    One forensic study, which has produced thousands of pages of results states: “…We placed autonomous monitoring applications on co-location servers, shared hosting ISP’s, stand-alone servers and sites around the world over ten years ago and monitored: 1.) Google’s search results compared to other search engines, 2.) Google’s DNS and spoofing activities, 3.) Google’s results on 100 key search terms including search terms of assets, candidates and business associates connected to Google (ie: “Obama”, “Elon Musk”, “Election Results”, etc.), 4.) Where Google sends data from users clicking on Google supplied links, 5.) Where fabricated “mole” data that was injected as user data ultimately ended up later, and other metrics. The results prove that Google abuses the market, the public, politics and human rights….”

    It is now virtually impossible for the Silicon Valley tech oligarchs to deny their collusion and actions to rig elections, news and information in order to seek to benefit their owners personal financial and ideological interests.

    The hard analysis of over a decade of comparative data studies proves, beyond any doubt, that Facebook, Google and Twitter: 1.) Only hire leftist extremists 2.) Finance and get government payola from leftist candidates 3.) Are run by leftist extremists 4.) Have a 90%, or higher, bias towards leftist propaganda 5.) Have meetings and organized events together to collude on political tactics 5.) hold covert trust funds, shell corporations, family trusts and real estate assets which hide the profits from such actions and 6.) are the primary participants in some of the largest left-wing DARK MONEY PAC’s in the world.

    Follow-the-money seems to be the rule here. From Silicon Valley Oligarch, to lobbyist, to Senator, to PAC, to trust fund, to Dark Money conduit and back to each Oligarch… the path of corruption is become more fully illuminated.

    The Chairman confirmed that Congress has seen numerous stories in the news of content that’s still being unfairly restricted.” The chairman points to an incident where a quote on “merciless Indian Savages” from the Declaration of Independence was flagged as hate speech on Facebook as a sign the companies can still improve how they handle content online.

    Those who have filed complaints with Congress against Google and it’s Cartel state that the big 3 only offered: “Lies, boilerplate denials and a fairy tale of “trying to do better” as the Tech Cartel secretly focuses on doing worse to the American people.”

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