4 thoughts on “AIM Cats go to SCOTUS on behalf of the PEOPLE”

  1. Thank you patriots. For God, family and the republic. There isn’t enough room at Mt. Rushmore for you all but you will stand with the victorious.

    1. Don’t ever doubt that we don’t care about our patriot brothers and sisters from Ireland and the UK. But we know that we have to clean up the sh*thole here in America first before we can help anyone else overthrow the British monarch rule over our sovereign nation. Keep an eye on the Privy Council for us and send us intel that we might not get here.

  2. The Upcoming U.S. Mid-term Elections Must Be Postponed Until Rigging Is Resolved by Supreme Court






    ▶ Christopher Earl Strunk, a National Hero!



    Please study the links above and let us support Christopher Earl Strunk, A NATIONAL HERO!

    Thank you,

    AIM4Truth Anonymous

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