COSMIC: THC found on meteorites?

We were very excited about a report that THC was found on meteorite and whether it is true or false is irrelevant to what we have to say about meteorite.

Below we discuss why meteorite, hemp, cannabis, shungite, and buckyballs are so amazing:

Are meteorites smoking weed? THC found on space rocks?


Some of the compound classes detected in the Murchison carbonaceous chondrite. The specific examples are amino acids (L-alanine), carboxylic acids (propionic acid), hydroxyacids (lactic acid), sugar-related compounds (dihydroxyacetone), amines (propylamine), amides (pyroglutamic acid), nitrogen heterocycles (uracil), sulphur heterocycles (benzothiophene), aromatic hydrocarbons (2-methylnapthalene), aliphatic hydrocarbons (pentane), terpenes (camphor). Note that by far the majority of organic matter in carbonaceous chondrites is present as a macromolecular material which contains some of these structures linked together, but is mostly made up of aromatic hydrocarbons.


Douglas Gabriel gets out of the weeds, into the stars


cannabis bud

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Secrets of Cannabis Revealed


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3 thoughts on “COSMIC: THC found on meteorites?”

  1. A bit of ironic humor! Since THC is considered illegal it would seem the Political reaction would be to confiscate all meteorites, and put God under arrest for distribution of a controlled substance!
    On a more serious note, the only control the government should have over what we ingest into our own bodies requiring labeling of the ingredients, where it is farmed, the listing any fertilizers, weed killers, or genetic modification done. Thus allowing the public to have the correct information to make informed choices. I would also opine that the sale of any substances that have been proven to have adverse side effects such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, a substance abuse tax be applied that would strictly be used to recover the costs to the society for the adverse effects of the product they provide. It is time we hold accountable those who profit on the sale of proven potentially addictive or harmful substances. Though ultimately it would be the users of the products that would foot the bill. That would be better than the those who have no association with the product having to be taxed for the side effects of something the do not partake of.
    The best arguments against outlawing substances is the that it creates an underground black market where the consumers have no information of the production, purity, dosage, or quality, the seller has no responsibility for what he provides, no taxable accountability and little competition that allows them to price gouge the consumers. Also a big factor is the costs to the society of enforcing the drug war, that does little or nothing to curb addictive or immoral behaviors of those who misuse products. Only creating a constant cycle of repetitive costs to the society at large. In theory substances that cause the most harm would effectively become to expensive to purchase. Granted this would still encourage black market activities, however surely much less costs to police than that of the current situation.
    Just a few thoughts and would like to hear other points of views. After all we are going to have to restructure this corrupted system, best to start discussions as soon as possible.

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