Agilent and Thomas E. Everhart Intel

Image of Thomas E. Everhart is posted for educational purposes.

AIM4Truth Matt writes:

I recently listened to your interview with Michael McKibben (Hillary controls the FBI…literally). At about the 10 minute mark my jaw hit the table. You mentioned the company Agilent / HP – a company that I used to work for for several years. In fact I was there when HP spun off Agilent. Can you tell me the name of the Agilent / HP individual who was involved in this and what his role was?

[Here is the audio if you haven’t heard it and our reply is below the audio frame:]

Our reply:

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  1. You tube does not let me load this video ONLY LOOPS and redirects to trick you into enrolling into their paid subscription.

    I NOT!


    Thank god!

    Looking for you on Adams new patriot site!

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