Patriot Sources LEAK Mueller Report!!!

Betsy and Thomas of the American Intelligence Media review an email they received from a source claiming to be an insider of the Mueller Team who wants to “come clean” on what’s really going on behind the scenes. Listen to the audio as you read the email attachment below. Then make sure this thing flies through your social media.

Patriot Sources LEAK Mueller Report!!! HUGE

What is Happening Behind the Scenes with the Mueller Final Report From a Patriot Insider Who Knows

Mueller’s final report is finished and only awaiting assignment of  Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone’s cases to the New York Eastern District to finish their sentencing and whatever appeals arise, just as Manafort and Gate’s cases were sent to similar federal courts in Virginia. The 26 indicted “Russian names” have been sent to the DoJ National Security Division for follow-up. Concord Catering and Yevgeniy Prigozhin are still fighting the Special Counsel investigation and seem to be winning. George Papadopoulos spent a few nights in jail, and Paul Manafort spent hard time in solitary confinement and will go to jail for years for his decades of crimes. General Flynn has been harassed and threatened and may spend a few days in jail due to being entrapped and accused of lying. Michael Cohen, the meanest lawyer in New York City will lie his way into a few years sentence in jail.

Just as Rod Rosenstein has announced twice before: No collusion or conspiracy between Trump and Russian nor between Team Trump and Russia. No obstruction of justice in firing James Comey. In fact, after more than $30 million for the special counsel investigation, all we found was Paul Manafort’s tax evasion.

Mueller’s investigation found the same thing that the previous three investigations into Trump/Russia collusion and Russian melding in the election to support Trump found – NOTHING.

These are items of interest for the Team:

  1. Two whores paid by David Brock’s Media Matters lying about Trump and another whore busted out of a jail in Thailand and then arrested by Russia – no evidence was ever presented.
  2. Corrupt NY lawyer Michael Cohen’s lies about whores which got a “guilty” plea for campaign election irregularities – no evidence and this is not a crime.
  3. Cohen’s lies about a Moscow Trump Towers deal – Cohen did not manage the three Russian Trump Towers deals in Moscow, Georgia, and Crimea – Felix Sater handled those deals.
  4. Fake letter about lifting sanctions on Russia given by Cohen to Trump – the letter was not delivered to Trump and Felix Sater (Comey’s FBI asset) wrote the letter with Comey’s help.
  5. An alleged Russia Internet troll factory (IRA) that had closed down two years before the 2016 election – some imaginary names were indicted.
  6. Putin’s favorite catering company, Concord Catering, that was the alleged brains behind the 2016 Russian election melding. This company is contesting all accusations and seems to be winning against Mueller who has no evidence to present that is not fraudulent.
  7. Anyone Mueller can blame the DNC “hacking” (breach) upon: Julian Assange, Russia, Guccifer 2.0, Romanian hackers, Kim dot com, Alexander Guberev, among others. No Russian hacker was ever found.
  8. Anyone who ever claimed they knew beforehand that Wikileaks was going to release the DNC emails of Podesta and Clinton: Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi and everyone they know have been harassed over these false allegations.
  9. Manafort and Gates for not registering as foreign agents when they worked for Ukrainian politicians – the Podesta brothers worked for the same people but got to register after Mueller questioned them, unlike Manafort and Gates who were charged for this offense.
  10. Anything Donald J. Trump ever did wrong.

Results of the Investigation are as follows:

No findings whatsoever concerning the original scope of the investigation.

Essentially, a nothing-burger on a gluten-free bun.

Items SS Herr Mueller and his team of angry Democrat inquisitors forgot to investigate. They are outright ignoring these items and that is why I have to tell this to the American people:

  1. Hillary Clinton’s emolument clause violations in the hundreds of millions – Uranium One alone gave her $145 million for one deal – Mueller was part of that deal and personally delivered the yellow cake uranium to Putin for Hillary.
  2. The DNC was not hacked by Russians it was breached internally. Dmitri Alperovitch, a Comey FBI asset who was an x-Russian cyber hacker who owns CrowdStrike, planted the Russian footprints on the DNC server after Alexandra Chalupa of the Atlantic Council and DNC Committee asked him to do so in 2015. Seth Rich lost his life over this breach from the DNC server that he was working on and no suspects have been found.
  3. James Comey’s FBI Russian assets who were used for many different “October Surprises” that were planned from the DNC and the White House using top officials in the FBI, CIA, State Department, NSA, FISA Court, and other agencies that were weaponized against Trump’s campaign and presidency, including: Carter Page, Felix Sater, Sergei Millian, Dmitri Alperovitch, Joseph Mifsud, Stephen Halper, Oleg Deripaska, Alexandra Chalupa, Natalia Veselnitskya, Christopher Steele, and many others.
  4. John McCain’s original involvement in March of 2016 when he brought Christopher Steele’s lies to the attention of Mark Warner, Diane Feinstein and others on the Senate Intelligence Committee and Steele was commissioned to write installments on his findings. Steele is a British foreign agent.
  5. John Brennan paying Sergei Millian $100,000.00 to find the “Trump Pee Pee Tape.”
  6. James Comey paying Christopher Steele for installments of the fake Trump Russia Dossier.
  7. The treasonous actions to interfere in a presidential election and subsequentially to attempt a coup de tat through impeachment to overthrown a duly election president: James Comey, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Valarie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, John Kerry, Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan, Victoria Nuland, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, Michael Gaeta, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, the British government, Sir Dearlove, Andrew Wood, Alexander Downer, etc., etc. etc.
  8. Google’s total manipulation of search algorithms for Hillary and the development of the “Template to win the election” paid for by Eric Smidt and made operational by the U. S. Digital Service which rigged the election from the White House where it was headquartered.
  9. Facebook’s manipulation through the British company Strategic Communication Laboratories and their $86 million contract with Obama through the Global Engagement Center which produced the “Russian adds” that Mueller’s Witch Hunt say where created by Concord Catering.
  10. The creation of Crossfire Hurricane which went through 13 stages to become the Mueller Special Counsel investigation – a CIA counter-intelligence operation that John Brennan admits was started without any “intelligence” to back it up. It was a Witch Hunt from the beginning without a witch.

SS Herr Mueller’s Witch Hunt was created to give James Comey an avenue to turn “Star Witness” for the Grand Jury investigation so that Mueller could ask Comey about all of his crimes and then receive complete immunity for “everything that Mueller asked him about.”

Yes, that’s right, Comey got himself fired because of his mess with the Clinton exoneration but principally because he needed immunity and the Crossfire Hurricane CIA counter-intelligence operation needed to continue. That is why Comey created and signed the Carter Page FISA warrant application as an “Insurance Policy.” Comey needed immunity and the election melding needed to change and become an attempt to impeach or simply overthrow Trump in some fashion or coup. The Obama/Clinton Chicago mob needed to stay in power at any cost and every trick the shadow government knows was used on Trump.

Mueller is as guilty as all the people named above. He is 100% complicit with these crimes as they were happening. Mueller is the head “fixer” in D. C. and Comey and the gang are his students. That is why they had to call in the “top fixer” who covered up 911 before the eyes of the world. Mueller is the best D. C. has and his students are failing him.

Mueller’s report is a bust and Trump will probably use Executive Privilege concerning his answers to the questions. Nothing can come of it because Trump did nothing wrong. Yes, Pelosi and the rabid Demonrats will still try to use it for impeachment not having the sense to know that no crime was committed and therefore no impeachment is possible after Mueller’s expensive political distraction and smear campaign.

There was no crime and therefore there can be no result from the “fake investigation”. It was a fraud from the beginning, but it was the best plan they could come up with to make Mueller’s investigation the bottle-neck for all DoJ investigations that must first be cleared by Mueller and his gang to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. Mueller’s entire team is a conflict of interest from the beginning. The Witch Hunt is a political hit job to create four years of baseless attacks against Trump that are echoed by the media as truth. Truly, it was a good plan but as we warned Mueller – the longer he goes on, the more he reveals the inner working of the shadow government, their sources and their methods. Mueller may soon find the tables turned on him and his team.


A patriot on the inside

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  1. Reblogged this on The Lone Cactus and commented:
    While I certainly haven’t vetted this, it bears repeating. If true, Mueller and his team have wasted $30 million of yours and my money. Personally THAT demands an investigation…and someone ELSE should be thrown in jail. Enjoy the read!

  2. Just look at all those names listed above
    If Trump can entice the Justice Dept to go after them A lot of Attorneys are going to be rich
    Main problem is with all of the High Powered attorneys that will be hired, it will be many years before we see any convictions and then maybe never

    1. Kindly we say that you are thinking inside their box. To win the war you have to think BIG and get beyond the limits they have put on your imagination.

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