Not Black. Not Eligible. Kamala Harris is a Fraud.

Read her birth certificate yourself. This is an official, certified copy:

Kamala Harris is An Anchor Baby and She is not Black



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Read Breitbart article here. Of Course Kamala is helping “her people”…after all she is not black. She is 1/2 INDIAN (dot, not feather- DNF) She is culturally appropriating being black. Make sure to circulate her certified birth certificate in your circle of influence so we aren’t Obamaed again with birther issues.

Kamala’s ancestors were big-time slave owners in Jamaica:

SLAVE REGISTERS FROM LONDON Name the Slaves Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned

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Kamala Harris Anchor Baby (Hilarious video can only be viewed on YouTube)

kamala harris lied.JPG

Kamala Harris’ Big ‘I Was That Little Girl’ Moment Attacking Joe Biden Was Far From True

kamala at bus stop





6 thoughts on “Not Black. Not Eligible. Kamala Harris is a Fraud.”

  1. Hi Betsy & Thomas, A Youtuber Daniel Lee says according to a credible military insider, RBG died earlier this year and was substituted with a body double by the deep state and all branches of military except the Air Force were made aware simultaneously. Could you vet this story? Love all you do and thanks for keep giving us hope! Asami


  2. Re Kamala’s father, just use a search engine to find photos of him and he certainly is part black. He also is quite an interesting person.

    1. He is not interesting and he is not black. He is Jamaican. Kamala isn’t black….really we don’t care about her ethnicity, only that the Dems claimed that she was black. It concerns us more that, like Obama, she is ineligibale to hold the office of the presidency. She is not a natural born citizen…and, in fact, cannot show her U.S. citizenship which makes her an anchor baby all grown up. Let’s deport her ass on November 4!

      1. I’m wondering is Kamala is Dipping into Hunter’s stash. I’ve seen posts where all she does is laugh. I keep seeing articles that say Biden is ahead in the polls. I don’t read them. I don’t have boots to wade through horseshit. I wanted to vote in person in Florida, but sent my absentee ballot from Virginia with prayers. Freedom vs Tyranny, it really is that simple.

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