Bill Gates and Ellen Degeneres are Evil Propagandists

Here is globalist pig Bill Gates with his media puppet Ellen Degenerate Degeneres. Listen  Bill’s lies and deceiption and how Ellen is getting redpilled. Ellen still has no idea that she and Portia are facing a future of panhandling and living in a cardboard box somewhere in homeless California. In the new economy, propagandists like Ellen will not have television shows.

Attention Information Warriors: After you watch, drop into the YT comment box and leave some truth pills.

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Bill Gates on Finding a Vaccine for COVID-19, the Economy, and Returning to ‘Normal Life’

8 thoughts on “Bill Gates and Ellen Degeneres are Evil Propagandists”

  1. Ppl need to be rid of ppl like Bill and Melinda evil scientists foundation gates! Lock them up and never let them out! Their are Perpetrating chaos vaccines with a Borden fetal cells rats pig mercury metals who needs all that crap in your body now you have to have a certificate saying that you have taken the vaccine or do we live Nazi Germany is Hitler being resurrected By Bill Gates and his fauci and Brix are his Commadres in arms! Wake to America your being deceived!

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  2. I saw a photo of Ellen the other day with someone speculating that she was wearing an ankle monitor. Of course someone else posted one speculating the media whore Jim Acosta and Eugenicist fraud Fauci were wearing them in a media event at the White House.Who knows? As Robert B Parker’s character Spenser used to say, “Pretty to think so”.

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  3. Rotten 💩 pile billy momma boy 🖕🏻 You your family and the creep 👹’s you hang with, may you all go to hell yesterday.


  4. I personally hope they both get a double dose of what they are pushing to give the American and want to die but can’t do much damage to the only country that’s free at least I use to think that way but Thank God for the age of information I’m woke and busy trying to wake others what a hard task. Continue to be blessed.

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