Betsy and Thomas: More SchiffShit

Betsy and Thomas discuss the hearing from today’s congressional kangaroo court. Now that we have left YouTube, our Betsy and Thomas audios and all of our other recordings will be posted to We will also keep them organized on our main site with the most recent video on the top of the page. Bookmark this page.

They are organized in a category named “Betsy and Thomas” for easy search and selection.

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Here is the raw audio file:


Make sure to see our Schiff collection of impeachment inquiry memes below. Launch them into your social network!

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tt marie yovanovitch.JPG


Marie Yovanovitch Was Prepped by Obama Administration About Issues With Hunter Biden and Burisma




devin nunes reads transcripts.JPG



JW Investigates if Ousted Ukraine Ambassador Ordered State Dept. to Monitor Journalists, Trump Allies


tt roger stone trial.JPG


Roger Stone Found Guilty of All 7 Charges Brought by Mueller Probe

Faces 20 Years in Federal Prison…


adam schiff.jpg


trump you are fired yovanovitch.JPG


tt apologize.JPG


April 29, 2014: Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation _COMPLETE with SUBTITLES


adam schiff branco.jpg


children work ukraine kerry romney pelosi mccain.JPG


7 thoughts on “Betsy and Thomas: More SchiffShit”

  1. I love you guys! I just am not so great at moving around the computer remembering where I saved your posts. I’ve learned all I know from you guys in the last three years! Thank you and God Bless you both!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i boarded this flight about 3 month ago and found real people,,,true info,,,and warm ,living hearts
      just opening the website i feel flooded with warmth and Light


      1. You are flooded with light and truth. Thanks for letting us know that you are picking up the signal and please let others know about our little truth oasis.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m honored to have you guys respond to my comment! Together let’s make America even greater than it has ever been! If I live long enough!!!

        Liked by 3 people

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