5G is Genocide

Keep sounding the alarm bells with your community and friends about the dangers of 5G. In the video below, a UK citizen takes apart a device that is being installed in LED streetlights all over their country. We watched the video and offer you some insight in the Betsy and Thomas audio.


Now listen to B&T explain this technology further. Notice that you are viewing this video on the Tyla Gabriel Vimeo channel – https://vimeo.com/tylagabriel. Subscribe to the site if you would like to see what else Tyla is loading up. https://vimeo.com/373626731

The Globalists Are Openly Admitting To Their Population Control Agenda – And That’s A Bad Sign

People around the world continue to wake up to deadly technology. Here is Ed at Outer Light explaining that 5g in the future will be like living in “manipulation land”

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  1. Tyla, can Douglas talk about higher entities, Jack Parson, Higher entities the lost tapes (on 4watchfilms) on vimeo, anthropology….The STGReport has new video on this, looks scary and not sure what to think about it.

  2. The rustic-sounding Brit in the streetlamp breakdown video has previously posted a video in which he points to a half-dead roadside tree and says that the newly installed streetlamp standing next to it caused the dead half of the tree to die. He however offers neither before/after photos, nor any documentation illustrating the mechanism by which the streetlamp caused part of the tree to die. He doesn’t explain why other trees standing next to newly installed streetlamps in his locality and elsewhere appear to remain healthy, or why roadside trees, or trees in general, prior to the advent of wireless telecommunications systems innumerable times also have suffered illness and partial death.

    I take very seriously the threat posed to living beings by electrosmog. When a fellow purporting to be a specialist engineer disassembles a wi-fi ‘smart’ LED streetlamp and points to its power supply and wi-fi system as evidence of a sophisticated deployment of backscatter radiation technology, I lend an ear. But then that same fellow neglects to explain why the streetlamp’s antenna points not downward, but upward, shadowed by the enclosure of the streetlamp from receiving/transmitting from/to street level. And when I know that radio frequency waves in the millimeter bandwidth range and at the relatively low power levels in question are easily reflected or absorbed by even tree leaves and raindrops ; moreover, that remote scanning using backscatter radiation requires accurate knowledge of the energy source and receiver location(s) – a condition almost impossible to satisfy in a physical environment dense with radio frequency transmitters, with intermodulation products, and with surfaces of inconsistent reflectivity, many of which are unpredictably in motion owing to the action of wind, persons, animals, insects, and vehicles, I understand that the likelihood of obtaining meaningfully useful information, within a modern urban environment and using backscatter radiation technology fed by signals delivered from streetlamps, is negligible, because the signal-to-noise ratio is too unfavorable. Our fellow, whatever be his intentions, is misleading us.

    The physical environment our airport backscatter radiation scanners function within is very different from the physical environment of our city streets.

    To surveil people inside their homes, workplaces, and vehicles, it is vastly simpler and more reliable to use the proven technology of cellphones, ‘smart’ televisions, ‘smart’ meters, and computer backdoors. There’s no need for secretly installed streetlamp 5G transmitters irradiating neighborhoods to feed a fleet of mobile backscatter radiation scanners, even if this technology could be made to work. And to fry people’s brains or internal organs, the ubiquitous 2.4GHz (and other, comparatively lower frequency) wi-fi signals are entirely adequate. They’re in fact more effective, because, unlike millimeter bandwidth signals, they do reliably and imperceptibly penetrate solid objects and the human body. A beamformed millimeter bandwidth signal, if strong enough to penetrate deep into the body, will likely first burn the skin and thereby alert the target.

    (PS: The 5G streetlamps currently being installed in the city where I live are openly declared as such, and have horizontally oriented transmitter arrays beneath vertically oriented receiver antennas. There are now, alongside a plethora of 4G small cells, also multiple separate 5G micro cells installed on lampposts within a block of my home. All of it is plainly visible. And yes, I’m making arrangements to move away, asap.)

  3. AIM Patriot Charles sent us an email that we leave here for your perusal:

    After viewing the Street Lamp video today I put together some FACTS concerning 5G and other relatable technologies we have grown up with. I sent questions to the 5GAwareness.com organization and am waiting their response. See ALL in the attachment.

    We MUST get to the bottom of this “danger” to human-kind!



    I had sent you my teaching tool concerning ANY mechanical or electronic means of seeing what we are talking about by means of a measurement scale. I show the digital places to the left and the right of ZERO. You had published that. I am a PRODUCT SAFETY ENGINEER – NOT a Design Engineer. I had not worked with the wavelength formulas since the 1990’s. I have had No NEED.

    Let me draw the additional relationships so everyone can do the math. In these charts, if you want to know any factor; hold your finger over that factor and see the relationship described, then do the math.
    P= Power (Watts); I=Current (Amps); E=Voltage (Volts); R=Resistance (Ohms)


    When you first mentioned milli-waves, I was thinking those waves were longer than the microwaves. Then I thought Microwaves; where have I heard that term? Hmmm; could it be related to what we cook our food in? Where signs are placed about cafeterias around the USA to WARN people with heart conditions NOT to get around such a device because their heart rhythms could be affected! You continued to report the news about the milli-wave technology known as 5G.

    Now, THINK. Have you EVER seen the frequency(s) that a microwave oven generates? It is NOT on the nameplate! The machine is called a microwave; I wonder how long those waves TRULY ARE? They are NOT “Micro” waves! I ONLY saw the Frequencies used by a microwave ONE TIME in an article I read recently, I believe the Frequencies used within a microwave were LESS than those proposed by the new 5G Technology! Now continue to THINK with me. We buy a Microwave by its rated Power. An 1100 Watt unit can heat a cup of water for tea MUCH faster than one rated 500 Watts. However, unless you are in that little box, you are not affected by the “microwaves”.

    It is KNOWN to heat from the inside and onward, outward toward the surface. Makes SENSE NOW that we KNOW their frequency wave length is LONGER than those spoken about for 5G! So, WHY are they called Microwaves? Can you begin to understand my confusion with wavelength and why I sent that Length Chart?

    We KNOW that the higher we go in the frequency spectrum; we can easily get into territory that NO ONE has studied the health effects on for humans. You are describing a spectrum I think between 40-200GHz. You indicated, and rightfully so, that these frequencies are often blocked by rain, trees and the like. We KNOW that cell phone usage is creating brain damage at MUCH lower frequencies, approximately 700MHz to 1.8GHz, when the cell phones are held against your head! Suggestion; use an ear phone with a mic to complete your calls on your cell phone! It is no longer against your head! Ergo, no damage w/b created into the brain. DO NOT carry on the hip and keep away from your hands and out of your pockets for maximum protection from those damaging frequencies! BTW; What is the output Wattage of the average cell phone? How close MUST it be to create damage?

    I am DEEPLY upset at the HUGE numbers of 5G satellites that are already in orbit, with tens of thousands more to be launched in order to blanket the globe in 5G.
    NOTE: Have you seen their size? What is powering them? These are literally made of solid state chips mounted on a PCB, connected to a solar power converter. VERY SMALL SOLAR POWER CONVERTER!

    QUESTION: How much power can they transmit from 200 miles above the earth? All of that energy must still penetrate the water soaked atmosphere. Are we talking 1 Watt? 10 Watts? 100 Watts? Reference; each solar panel made 3’ x 4’ in size develops about 100 Watts! Put this in perspective as we see the size of these surface mounted technology being launched as 5G satellites which are about the size of a small cell phone connected to its power source!

    I remember the old days and operating a citizens band unit with a maximum of 5 Watts output at 27MHz. Grab that antenna when transmitting and get the shock of your life! But standing even an inch away from it and feel nothing. Remember the military in the 1940’s using a Lo-ran Radar system? The military graduated to Hi-ran and the next progression was to Shi-ran! I worked on the Shi-ran systems in the military in the 70’s and we used each technology, lo-ran, hi-ran and Shi-ran to survey and map the earth! In combination with C-130’s and belly cameras to shoot pictures that were about 2’ x 2’ in size and overlapped in order to exactly determine our location during the exercise. This was before the GPS systems. Then at the end of my military obligation we learned they were going to use a laser to place a spot on the moon and measure its distance from us! We learned that Cuba was 7 miles from where we thought it was on a map! Kennedy would have had a 7 mile error in any missile he programmed, if we had to use them!

    Anyway, my point is; the men who took care of the antennas were often sterilized by the radiation of hundreds of WATTS! I cannot recall their frequencies of operation. MUCH LOWER than 5G! However, after learning about what happened to our boys in the 1940’s we learned NOT to stand in front of or around the antennas when they were being used!
    I am NOT A fan of this new 5G Technology, but I MUST put everything in perspective.

    After carefully watching the video today, I sent these comments to the Web site referenced 5GAwareness.com. I will keep you informed of any news or updates concerning my questions:

    First, let me say; I AM NOT A FAN OF 5G Technology!
    I have worked for Power Systems, Inc. for nearly 30 years. They make CUSTOM Analog and Switch mode Power Supplies. I became their Product Safety Engineer. I also sat on two CSA Technical Committees helping to write CSA 60950 for the IT Industry, which may also include the 5G equipment, or would have if it came out before I retired.

    I have watched the video of the Street Lamp Breakdown;


    In addition, I am an ex-TUV Product Test Engineer for TUV Essen. *Essen, Germany operating from a franchise division in northern New Jersey.

    What I saw in this video was the normal Switch mode power supply; it delivers power in (Watts) to a series of LED Lamps using thinner wire than those being used for other purposes. However, I also saw the power cables for the 5G Technology. IF it is stepping up the voltage to 450V Peak rated Capacitors, it suggests that the nominal RMS voltage would be in the range of 308V~ from a 3Phase 308V~ network, commonly used in America. Each lamp takes one phase and they balance the 3 Phase load by staggering the loads on each Phase.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY: He DID NOT Explain the overall System ratings; i.e.; Input Voltage in Volts RMS or the Input Current in Amps or else the input rated Watts. This is IMPORTANT, because you cannot get power from the (air) it must come through the input power cabling. Therefore, IF the input power Wattage was in the range of 500mW; the input current would be below 2mA. THAT is a sensor signal at BEST and CANNOT do ANYONE any Damage! Please upgrade the video by providing these IMPORTANT details. The lamps draw a significant amount of power; therefore the input Power/Current will reflect that. NOTE a normal #22AWG wire can carry up to 10A ALL day without too much stress. The LED wires looked like #24AWG wire and therefore, the current would be less than that! Also note; ALL power supplies have an efficiency rating! Switch mode power supplies may be 80% Eff. This goes toward discovery of the overall ruggedness of the power supply. Notice the transformers are small. Then the wiring within MUST also be of smaller gauge wires! This ALSO goes to confirm that the power supply CANNOT deliver the amount of POWER NEEDED to create health Damage.

    I may be wrong in this. The Industry is at FAULT for NOT Sharing the Frequencies spectrum being used in each device AND its output power rating! Each Frequency Spectrum creates Human cell damage at different power levels. In any event, the laws of Physics are NEVER violated! I have NO IDEA who the manufacturer of that street lamp is. However, they most likely complied with BSI Safety Compliance Standard or perhaps IEC or some EC Norm. The 5G Technology was mentioned, did NOT have a sticker from the FCC. It was made in Europe. THAT is NOT abnormal! Did it have compliance with ANYONES Conducted or Radiated Emissions Standard?

    I KNOW the public is up in arms over this new 5G Technology. ALL we want is assurance that the technology will do no damage at a certain power level and at a certain distance from the radiation antenna! Make sense? So far, we have NO ASSURANCE of either! Since we ONLY know through third party information; that the 5G Frequency spectrum will be between 40-100GHz, we are again LIMITED in our accessement of its inherent damage and effects. Even normal FM radio stations that Broadcast between 88-107MHz have ratings. They use a Frequency Spectrum that is closer to straight-line broadcasting, at a MUCH LOWER Frequency. However, their Output Power at the antenna is commonly 50,000 Watts! No one complains about them, except neighbors NEAR the antennas! 50,000 Watts off of an industrial 3 Phase 308V~ line will yield 162Amps. MUCH MORE Power than could be provided by those small #24AWG wires in that switch mode power supply *connected to the 5G Circuitry.

    While I am NOT a fan of 5G Technology, it takes some Frequency? (X) at some power Level (Watts) to communicate. I am not positive, but I have NOT seen any studies done that suggest health damage at a specified Frequency and a specified Wattage. Let me be CLEAR; It takes a certain POWER LEVEL in WATTS to penetrate the human body at (Z) Distance. In this case meters above the vehicles distance. We know the physics of this are that Power drops off rapidly with the square of the distance.

    The antenna shown was a wire or a PCB laminate copper strip of some length. It may have had a director, a ground plane or other from the opposite side of the PCB and the foil used on the opposite side. But the antenna was of a simple construction. This together, tells me we may have nothing to worry about. KEY WORD BEING “MAY”!

    Lastly, the video shows a bundling of wires and connectors at the left side of the video with NO EXPLAINATION of their use, size ratings, etc.

    We WANT to KNOW what we are being subjected to! We DO NOT TRUST the Govt to regulate it for us! Therefore Your Video becomes the ONLY viable information source. Give us ANOTHER video and explain the input ratings in Voltage/Amps/Watts and ALL other info you find on the nameplate. Tell us the Manufacturer. With that we can look up their CLAIMED Ratings! We WANT concrete information, NOT HYPE! We get enough HYPE from the media! We are tired of the Propaganda and LIES being told to us! Help us by telling the simple TRUTH about what you see.

  4. 7-Eleven report president is in trouble. The storm begins Rick Perry. Little Odessa. It’s all about energy. Giuliani’s going to backstab. They’re going to impeach the president. actors Flint, NATO. Harry Kissinger. Many more.

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