Fake News and British Propaganda

The Origins of Fake News

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Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell discuss the historical roots of fake news and show how secret societies control America’s public narrative with propaganda that creates wars and conflicts that enrich the bankers and elites.

It Was An Overthrow By The Brits

It was an overthrow run by the Brits.

Please correct all those fake news channels calling it a “soft coup.” It was a hard coup.

It was a British attempt to overthrow the United States President.

It was conducted from the highest levels of the British inner Fleet Street cabal from the Queen, her Privy Council, the Pilgrims Society, and the media. This also includes: Alison Saunders’ conspiracy with Bruce and Nellie Ohr,  Arvinder Sambei with Robert Mueller, Robert Hannigan with John Brennan, Richard Dearlove, Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros, Nick Clegg, Geoffrey Pattie.

Our AFI-AIM researchers are pulling out the TRUTH and the EVIDENCE daily from our research mines.

Call it what it is: ACT OF WAR

The British Monarch is enemy of the entire world. We must call for immediate action against the Queen and her co-conspirators for their crimes against humanity. All patriots around the world are called to action to free their nations and its citizens from the tyrannical rule of the British Empire. Historical facts don’t lie.



queen overthrow trump.jpg.

Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of Trump


3 thoughts on “Fake News and British Propaganda”

  1. Many biometric examples of actors – spies I believe is appropriate – in fully British/Crown controlled Australian media. Same hands, eyes, teeth, expert makeup and fake or stage names is a standard practice in Australian and western media.
    From the fictional “Australia’s richest man” title, a politician starting a “Foundation” after a horror story and more, I believe you will find this relevant and fascinating. Links on my bio – thank you to all that contribute.

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