Netflix Movie Serves Patriot Brains to the Public for Thanksgiving

Did a Recently Released Pilgrim Society Movie Serve Patriot Brains to the Public for Thanksgiving?

By Condor

Patriot Brains to the Public for Thanksgiving?

Netflix is a Soros Investment (see link: Netflix recently hired the Obamas and lying Susan Rice to help shape future streaming Tavistock propaganda.

I just watched their September 2019 science fiction release, “In the Shadow of the Moon”.

The Bad News: Patriot brain matter spilled throughout movie

The Good News: Might this serve as an excellent learning tool in illustrating how the minions of the Pilgrim Society manipulate public opinion and commentary through deceptive propaganda.

Below are my comments and observations on this film’s propaganda.

In “The Shadow of the Moon”, a new Netflix science fiction movie release, unbeknownst to the viewing audience, Skynet is replaced by the New World Order. Sarah Connors is replaced by patriots wishing to end the reign of war and poverty pressed on humanity, by the New World Order.

Viewers are skillfully misled into believing the time traveling assassin is executing “bad guys” in behalf of the oppressed good guys from the future. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

The producers of this film have successfully turn black into white and white into black thus encouraging the audience to mistakenly root and cheer for the wrong team. Unless viewers of the movie, freeze-frame a few, key film clips, patriots will end up emotionally supporting the Pilgrim Society’s racist New World Order cartel!

In this “The Terminator” rewrite…in 2042, remnants of the Pilgrim Society’s New World Order, use time travel to send one or more terminator vipers into the past to exterminate the mothers, fathers and need be, grandparents of American Patriots who successfully mounted an attack on them in the year 2024.

A key argument for the murder of innocents is laid out by the Pilgrim Society’s One World Order coopted physicist (go to mark 1:32:47 of the film).

“Changing the world is a bloody business!” cried the New World Order scientist.

“She (Rya) is killing innocent people!” protested the ex-police detective.

“To stop something much, much worse!” replied the Pilgrim Society minion.

 “Imagine you could erase the Civil War! How would you do it?” the corrupted and co-opted scientist asked.

“Would you kill Jefferson Davis? Robert E. Lee? Lincoln and the Confederate and Union leaders? That might not be enough to erase an idea.

“Maybe we have to kill the people who made them who they are!  Who gave them their morals and political beliefs?  Friends, fathers, mothers and grandparents (1:33:55).

“How far back would you have to go to snuff out the spark that lite the fuse?”

“But if you eliminate the “right” combination of people, one by one (1:34:06), until you get to the event’s start, you got to the one that undoes it all…you could reshape the future!”

Why was one (or more) terminators dispatched backward in time to eliminate Sarah Conner type individuals who dared to think differently from the programmed masses about them? Who are these deviates who continually refuse to be indoctrinated and brainwashed via Tavistock propaganda beamed and printed throughout the world for over a century?

Sarah Conner-like patriots are being identified and executed with a future weapon which induces a brutal, bloody brain hemorrhage. The victims include a middle-aged Hispanic female bus driver whose sole crime appears to have been reading the published letters of Thomas Jefferson. A white professor’s brain matter bleeds out in a college classroom over a President Andrew Jackson textbook (42:47). Now President Jackson is renown for kicking the New World Order’s banking system out of the United States in the early 1800s. On the chalkboard are the professor’s last notes concerning “Libertarian verses Communism” and the name of a patriot who were executed by FBI snipers (43:47) at Ruby Ridge.

It should be noted President Jackson’s portrait hangs prominently in President Trump’s Oval Office.  It is a visual declaration of war which exists today between American Patriots and the global bankers of the Pilgrim Society’s racist, New World Order.

It is at the 1:04:05 mark of this terminator remake, that attentive audience members will discover this is actually a New World Order rally movie. To fully scrutinize and reverse the Tavistock propaganda flooding the audiences’ subconscious, freeze frame several images associated with the cardboard box given to the private detective at this segment of the movie.  What is tossed around are books on Presidents George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant as well as a five star America flag which reminds us of a Betsy Ross flag—just with fewer stars.

There is a letter to “Real America Movement” members from the year 1988.  Portions of the letter were flashed up on the movie screen for a mere second or two.  In the privacy of your home, freeze frame the letter on film.  This is opportunity to peak behind the curtain and discover the true agenda of the hidden organization behind the curtain.  It is here patriots have a fleeting opportunity to discover the truth.  Who are really the good guys and what highly secret entity are they attempting to overthrow?  The letter begins…

Friends, compatriots, loyalist to truth.  I write you from inside occupied territory, soon to be freed from the New World Order…

Below is the Wikipedia review of the movie:

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2 thoughts on “Netflix Movie Serves Patriot Brains to the Public for Thanksgiving”

  1. No wonder they virtually give television sets away. Been 15 years without one, and the theater is nothing but poor remakes of past plots. Maybe Hollywood will die with Main Strem News.

  2. Man, this is pretty offensive but to be quite honest, many of the videogames that are being produced by adherents of the Pilgrims require the player to fill the roll of an avatar that brings death and pestilence in a sunless world. Ever seen a “VR” device? There are a plethora of games people can entertain as they are vicariously fulfilling the agenda of the pilgrims society through a virtual reality. They are conditioning patriots to abandon their roots in favor of a reality where they can have a all luxuries of the physical world in a techno-orgy of flashing LED’s and energy drinks.

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